Minister Edghill commissions $52M road in Linden

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill MP, on Tuesday commissioned the once dilapidated New Washer Pond Road in Linden, Region 10. The $52 million road is outfitted with concrete drains and the requisite safety markings.

The work was executed by engineers from the Ministry’s Special Projects Unit.

Minister Edghill said to avoid erosion, heavy duty vehicles cannot be accommodated on the road at this time.

Minister of Public Works Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Head of the Special Projects Unit Mr. Colin Gittens and Mayor of Linden, Ms. Waneka Arrindell walking the rehabilitated road

“That is at least one month to keep the big heavy trucks, 35 to 40 tonnes and sometimes 50 tonnes, way about what the axels can carry off these roads until we can get what the ordinary layman might call curing period.

To build a road and not have adequate drainage is like putting money in fire, it will just disappear after a while, so we had to address the issue of drainage.”

Head of the Special Projects Unit Colin Gittens said the Ministry was able to address the issue that was causing the road to deteriorate.

“One of the major challenges is there was a spring in the area, I do not know if it an artesian spring or because of the specific location of the area because we are in a valley, it could be there was water seeping out from the ponds above, but we have been able to harness the area, contain the water and allow it to free flow into the drains,” he said.

Mayor of Linden, Her Worship Waneka Arrindell said the people of Linden appreciate the works executed by the Ministry, as the road was in a derelict state for many years.

Minister of Public Works Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill examining the drainage works done

“Linden is grateful for this, this has been one of the major issues we have been facing over a couple of years as it relates to roads in Linden and we are grateful more so, that the problem that has been plaguing us has been identified,” she said.

Mayor Arrindell said the Town Council will make every effort to maintain the road. Regional Chairman Deron Adams echoed these sentiments.

The rehabilitation of the road is just one of many projects to be executed by the Government this year in the region.

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