Cash grants testament to Government’s commitment to education development – PM

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), The Honourable Mark Phillips has said that the reintroduction of the “Because We Care” cash grant programme is a testament to the Government’s commitment to education development and to its ability to deliver on its promises.

The Senior Government Official launched the distribution process for the grant today in Kwakwani, Upper Demerara – Berbice (Region Ten). He was accompanied by his wife, Mrs Mignon Bowen-Phillips.

The money which amounts to $15,000, is being distributed along with a uniform grant valued at $4,000 to parents of public school students.

Collectively, approximately 11,000 students in the region will benefit from the initiative, which totals roughly $209M.


During his remarks to anxious parents gathered in the auditorium of the Kwakwani Secondary School, Prime Minister Phillips said that although access to public education from nursery to secondary is free, additional costs can be burdensome to parents.  

He added that the Government is aware that assisting parents in offsetting these expenses would bring relief.

“In our manifesto when we went to the people seeking to be elected, we made it clear that we will return the “Because We Care” grant, because we’re convinced that notwithstanding that education is free in Guyana, whatever additional assistance the Government can give to the people of Guyana who have children in school will be most welcomed by the people”.

Ms Jacqueline Williams, a parent of three children, ages 13, eight and five, was among the first group of persons to receive the money in Kwakwani. The elated mother received $57,000 directly from the Prime Minister. She said whether school continues online or in the physical classroom, the money will be very useful for her.

“It will really help me to buy their school things, especially since Covid has affected everyone financially… the Prime Minister also mentioned that by 2025 the money will go up to $50,000 and I think that will be really nice”.


Additionally, during his visit to Kwakwani, the Prime Minister toured the head office of the Kwakwani Utilities Incorporated (KUI) and met with staff members. 

He subsequently inspected several facilities under the control of the utility regulator in the predominantly mining and logging community. Among the sites visited were the Kwakwani power generation plant, the Kwakwani water treatment plant and a newly installed water distribution system, which will supply potable water to approximately 400 residents of Jonestown.  

Prime Minister Phillips was accompanied by General Manager of KUI, Mr David Adams and Regional Executive Officer Mr Dwight John. 

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