Minister Bharrat takes $23M ‘Because We Care’ grant to Crabwood Creek

Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat MP, delivered $23.3 million to the parents in the Crabwood Creek area on Saturday, as part of the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant distribution drive.

The Minister visited the Crabwood Creek Primary School and its annex, which served as distribution points for the grant to students from four schools in the area.

In his address there, he said, “At the end of today’s distribution, we would have distributed $23.3 million in the Crabwood Creek area. And this is yet another promise fulfilled by a Government that is not even one year old.”

Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Vickram Bharrat MP

The PPP/C Government had promised to reinstate and increase the grant for school children, after it was cancelled by the APNU+AFC Government. The Minister described this act as uncaring.

He criticised the previous administration for spending heavily on “food, drink, travel, lavish lifestyle” while claiming there was no “fiscal space” to accommodate the cash grant scheme for Guyana’s children.

“Our children, they are a blessing to us. Our children are the next leaders of tomorrow. Our children will someday stand where I’m standing right now, speaking to a next group of parents, or to sit there as leaders of the regional Government.

A Skeldon Line Path Nursery School student receives the ‘Because We Care’ grant from Region 6 Regional Executive Officer, Mr. Narendra Persaud (left) and Minister of Natural Resources, Vickram Bharrat MP

“That is the future. That is why we are here, and that is why we care. Because, in order for our country to develop, we need an educated population.”

Parents expressed gratitude for the grant. One mother, Ms. Frida Fraser, was elated to receive it.  

“I really feel happy and blessed because I have it in cash. So, I could do whatever for the kids.”

Ms. Fraser said she plans to buy books, crayons and other stationery for her children.

Another mother, Ms. Priya Ramkishun, made similar comments.

“Receiving this cash grant, I’m very thankful for it because it would help to elevate my children education in terms of buying some school supplies and, something to do with their school. I would like to say thank you to the Government.”

Parents and children from the Crabwood Creek Area

Headmistress of the Skeldon Line Path Secondary School, Ms. Evette Johnson said parents and teachers are grateful for the grant.

“At the Skeldon Line Path Secondary School, over 500 students will benefit from this cash grant, and a smaller but not insignificant number of children from the Line Path Nursery School will also benefit.”

Headmistress of Crabwood Creek Nursery School, Ms. Coretta Fogenay, made similar remarks about her school of 141 students.

“I’m feeling good about it and I do hope that the parents would spend it wisely on the materials that the children would need for their early childhood education.”

Headmistress of Crabwood Creek Primary School, Ms. Shondel Albert also said she hopes the grant will be meaningfully used.

“So, come whenever school will be opened, we will have full attendance.” Minister Bharrat also urged the Crabwood Area to get vaccinated, to quicken progression toward the reopening of schools and society at large.

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