Nurses trained to treat NCDs

– as more cases diagnosed during pandemic

Nurses from health facilities in Region Four on Friday completed an intense, three-day workshop in the treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). 

Director of the Food Policy Division – Ministry of Health, Ms. Dinte Conway says the training was necessary since there has been an increase in cases of NCDs during the pandemic.

Director of Food Policy Division – Ministry of Health Ms. Dinte Conway

At the closing ceremony, which was held at the National Racquet Centre, Ms. Conway said, “We thought it would be really, really opportune to have this training with the workers in terms of good nutrition to prevent NCDs and if you have an NCD, good nutrition in terms of managing it.”

The nurses were trained in different aspects of preventing and treating NCDs. Some of the topics covered are the importance of exercise, nutrition labelling, NCDs, men’s health, mental health for workers and patients.

Ms. Conway said the training will also be rolled out in the hinterland regions where the Health Ministry will partner with the Ministry of Agriculture to teach persons how to cultivate kitchen gardens.  She said the recent flooding has stalled the training, but as the water recedes, they expect those plans to be realised in September.

Meanwhile, in an invited comment, the participants said the sessions were helpful and enjoyable.

Nurse, Ms. Sherl Daniels said the session on mental health was very impactful and the sessions have taught her how to grapple with those conditions.

Nurse Sherl Daniels

“The programme was wonderful. There was so much, so much that we were taught, especially about our local health and food wise, food and nutrition,” she said.

Another participant, Nurse, Ms. Narcessa Walker said everyone should take self-care seriously as it is important to prevent NCDs.

Nurse Narcessa Walker

“I feel a lot of us out there should look into this and say you know what, in as much it be stressful or it’s hard, it’s a challenge, take some time for yourself, self-care is important.” The Ministry of Health has instituted several programmes to provide quality healthcare. It has enhanced its hearts programme to address cardiovascular diseases and has established a diabetic centre to tackle related NCDs.

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