Region Six parents, guardians grateful for ‘Because We Care’ grant

The distribution of  the Government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant in Region Six has left hundreds of parents and guardians happy that they can provide their children’s school necessities.

Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag MP, and several other Government officials visited various schools in the Region to oversee the distribution of the grant on Saturday.

The Minister told parents and guardians that the initiative speaks for itself and is a desmontration of the PPP/C Government’s love for the people and concern for the wellbeing of children. She reminded them that this initiative was conceptualised with their needs in mind until it was replaced by the previous administration.

Some parents and guardians receiving their ‘Because We Care’ cash grant

“We all know that during Dr. Bharrat Jadgeo’s reign as President, the cash grant initiative was born and $10,000 was given to each child in the public school system and then it was taken away in the last five years.

“So, parents have been unable to gain that $10,000 to help their children with their supplies and necessities to go to school for the new school year…. but we promised because we understood what it meant to parents.”

Minister Parag also discredited rumours that the grant is a form of bribery from the Government.

“Parents, I want you to know that I do not see this [grant] as a favour nor does the Government see this as a favour to you. They see it as an obligation, as something that your children are entitled to,” she said.

Minister of Public Service, Sonia Parag MP

The Minister also noted that while Government cannot dictate what the grant can be used for, she hopes that parents and guardians use it wisely.  She also urged them to inoculate themselves against COVID-19 and to help the country return faster to a state of normalcy.

“I am sure that a lot of parents want to see your child return to school where they can again experience a school setting. But parents, we cannot do that unless we are all vaccinated and so your children cannot be back because there is no vaccine for them.

“However, it is available for the adult population. Currently, the Government is working towards getting vaccines for children from the ages of 12 to 17, but then we have children below the age of 12 and it is important to get vaccinated to ensure their safety.”

Speaking with DPI, Mr. Nigel Griffith, a father of four thanked the Government for creating an initiative that seeks to help less fortunate parents and guardians, especially during this pandemic.

“I need to compliment the Government for what they have done. It is a great initiative especially in a time like this where we experience the pandemic and flooding, which saw us lose crops and so on.

Mr. Nigel Griffith

“So, this money comes in time to help us pay for school supplies.” 

Ms. Sunita Anand, a mother of three, said she sees this exercise as the beginning of the return to normality for school children.

“This is a great help from the Government and so I can only hope that school opens in September to send my children back to school because we have been facing difficulty with helping them with their school work,” she said.

Ms. Sunita Anand

Ms Ruth Sarjoo is another thankful parent who hailed the initiative as “a great relief for us as parents because of the situation which is the flooding…. So, it is going to help us a lot and I am just grateful for what they are doing.” The Region will receive $437 million through this initiative.

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