Guyana’s wealth will benefit CARICOM – President Ali

Guyana is not looking to become an energy sector powerhouse in the Region, rather it aims to ensure that its oil wealth benefits the entire Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali made this commitment during a virtual press conference on Monday.  He was responding to a question posed to him by a Trinidadian journalist about Guyana’s oil-driven growth, and the implications for Caribbean geo-politics.

“Guyana is not aiming to become any powerhouse. We are not aiming to demonstrate or flex any muscle or power. Our only aim is to enhance the prospects of all the people of this Region.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

“So, whatever resources Guyana gets from this oil and gas sector, and all other sectors, I assure you, will redound not only to the benefit of Guyanese but all the people of CARICOM. We are one people in CARICOM.”

The President said he sees no distinction across the borders in the Region as such a mentality would only foment division. He also said that Guyana is open to investment from CARICOM citizens.

“The prospects and opportunities in our energy sector, in our agricultural sector, in our manufacturing sector, in our industrial sector, in our hospitality sector, in our environmental sector, are also the prospects and opportunities for every investor in CARICOM. 

In further responding to the question, Dr Ali said Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago has always enjoyed a strong, mutually supportive relationship. He noted that many of the investors conducting business in Guyana are Trinidadian.

Dr. Ali was keen to note that the invitation for investments into the Guyanese economy are not restricted to oil and gas. The PPP/C Government continues to stress that Guyana’s economy will be diverse and that other sectors will be given just as much attention as oil and gas. The President said that Guyana’s economy will never be based on oil and gas, but that the industry will be used to fast-track the growth of the others.

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