We all have the responsibility of leaving a better Guyana for future generations—President Ali

–  Reaffirms that Government’s transformative agenda will target all Guyanese

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali said that all Guyanese have a responsibility to improve the country for future generations, which is why the Government’s transformative agenda targets all citizens from every walk of life.

The Head of State said that the idea is to promote development through all avenues to help not only to enhance the lives of this current generation, but to set a standard that will benefit generations to come.

“We all have the responsibility of leaving a better Guyana for those to come. I can assure you that I take this responsibility very seriously and every day of my life as your President, and the life of this Government, is dedicated to the achievement of this.”

President Ali made these comments on his Government’s one-year anniversary at State House on Monday.

He said that his administration is grateful for the support from Guyanese.

“I thank those who have supported us, and I say to you, your support, your strength and your motivation is what gives us oxygen in building a unified and stronger Guyana.”

He added that wherever there are areas for improvement, his Government stands ready to listen to those ideas and insights in an effort to build a stronger nation. 

The Head of State emphasised that the Government will also work equally for persons who are not supporters, since as President he is governing over all of Guyana.

The President, who has pushed for inclusivity and togetherness in his One Guyana Commission, said that racism in Guyana must be stamped out while condemning all forms of racial discrimination.

“To those who use race as a means to accomplish an end, I say to you that you are an enemy of your own country. You are an enemy of your own people. In this Government, there is no room for that.”


The President said that his promise to be the President for all of the people of Guyana and for the Government to pursue certain strategic lines, which he made in his inauguration address, remains firm.

“Your Government will strive tirelessly for the transformation of our country, the creation of a knowledge-based economy and accelerated, sustainable and equitable development for all. No Guyanese will be left out, none will be overlooked, and none will be abandoned.”

The President also stated that he is looking forward for the younger generation to be more actively involved in the transformational plan, which will dictate their futures.

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