GuySuCo’s Management Debunks Fake News circulated via Social Media

-Call on persons to act more responsibly in wake of the current COVID19 Pandemic

The Management of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo)
wishes to debunk the malicious fake news circulated via Social Media of the Corporation’s intentions to
severe employment of unvaccinated persons without pay. The Management of GuySuCo condemns
strongly such cowardice act aimed at creating public mischief and calls on persons to act more
responsibly in wake of the current COVID 19 pandemic.
The Corporation is committed to observing all COVID 19 protocols outlined by the Government of
Guyana and is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of all of its workers.
Mr. Sasenarine Singh, Chief Executive Officer GuySuCo, in his appeal to fellow workers during recent
field meetings across the three operating estates, reiterated GuySuCo’s commitment to work diligently
as a corporate citizen to maintain safety and security precautions for the benefit of all our colleagues
and their families. He further reiterated GuySuCo’s commitment to implement of all COVID 19
protocols outlined by the Government of Guyana. This includes adhering to all the safety guidelines.
Mr. Singh also called on fellow workers to adhere to the COVID-19 protocols to avoid the further
spread of the virus and to report any unusual practice on any of GuySuco’s properties: “We must
follow rules of social distancing, mask up and wash up as often as possible”. It is our individual
responsibility, for our own safety for example not to get on board over crowded transportation. The
Corporation has contracted sufficient lorries to transport workers. These lorries are required under our
contract to be washed thoroughly and sanitized twice daily to ensure the safety of our workers. All
information shared via WhatsApp 624 0256 will be confidential and the necessary actions will be taken
to address any issue reported.”
Additionally, the Management of GuySuCo continues to maintain all COVID-19 protocols in
accordance with the national COVID-19 guidelines to ensure all of its employees’ health and safety. As
part of established protocols, GuySuCo continues to deploy professional sanitization teams to fumigate
workplace areas (routinely and as needed); provide all protective gear including masks and sanitization
materials for staff; ensure a socially distant work environment and facilitate COVID-19 vaccination
drives at all of its operating estates.
Meanwhile, Dr. Swammy, GuySuCo’s Chief Medical Officer is urging persons to be mindful of their
exposure to COVID-19, and the need to protect themselves by acting responsibly, whether they are on
or off the job. Finally, Dr. Swammy is advising everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated against
All employees identified as having close contact with any person who tested positive for COVID-19
are asked to report such immediately to their immediate supervisor and follow the advice of our
medical team to visit the nearest Ministry of Health COVID-19 testing site for evaluation.
Employees are asked to stay in Quarantine whilst awaiting the result of their COVID-19 test. If the
result is negative, persons may return to work upon receipt of clearance from the MOH COVID-19
unit. Persons who are tested COVID-19 positive are required to strictly follow the MOH’s instructions
and stay in self-isolation until deemed safe to return to work by the COVID-19 Unit.
During this period, persons in quarantine or self-isolation are required to submit National Insurance
Scheme medical slip signed by the attending doctor at the Ministry of Health COVID-19 testing site.
For further information, please contact:
Communications Unit, Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), LBI Estate Compound
Tel. No: 592 222 2891-4 Ext 251
Facebook: Guyana Sugar Corporation

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