Vaccinated persons encourage others to take the Covid jab

As the Ministry of Health continues its COVID-19 vaccination campaign, vaccinated individuals are encouraging others to get inoculated against the deadly disease, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of Guyanese.

Staff of the Ministry of Health registering citizens

The Ministry’s vaccination site on Brickdam, Georgetown saw a large turnout of persons on Thursday, to get their Covid jabs.  

Several vaccinated persons told DPI that vaccines are nothing to worry about.

Deryck Alphonso

Deryck Alphonso said “there is a lot of myths going around but the reality end of it is if something is going to save your life or keep you from not getting totally sick to the point where you would die…then go ahead and try to take precautions. So, I have to take the vaccine to take care of me and the only way I can do that is to adhere and follow the protocols.”

Chris Adams

Chris Adams shared similar views. “First of all, don’t worry with the conspiracy theories about the vaccines. It is just like back in the days when you had all these other diseases look at yellow fever for instance, we had to take it, so don’t worry about that get vaccinated” he said.

Another citizen, Lynette Hoppie encouraged persons working in the public sector to protect themselves and others.

“I am a public person; I deal with the public a lot so I want to take this vaccine to be safe because I have to dwell with other people and I don’t want to pick up the virus and give it to any other so, I need to be safe at all times. Others should come out to get their vaccines so they can be safe for themselves and protect others.”

Ingrid Hunte

Ingrid Hunte, an elderly citizen said there is nothing to fear. “At my age, 68, I think that every one should come and be vaccinated so that our country would have less deaths, you should not be scared or panic because I think we all need to save our country Guyana, our children and our elderly” she said.

Other elderly citizens shared similar sentiments.

Allon Walker

Allon Walker said “I feel it is imperative because Covid, the science has proven that it is a killer and the vaccine is the only thing, science has proven it again that the vaccine is the only thing that can stop Covid. I am 70 and I would encourage any old person, probably over 30, 40 to get their vaccines.”

A citizen receiving her COVID-19 vaccine

The Ministry of Health continues to encourage individuals to get immunised at any of the 100 vaccination sites across the country.

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