More students from Georgetown schools benefit from ‘Because We Care’

The Government of Guyana through the Ministry of Education, on Thursday continued the distribution of the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant in Georgetown.

DPI visited the West Ruimveldt Primary, South Ruimveldt Primary and Ascension Secondary schools.

Education Officer, Felicia Madramootoo, facilitated the distribution of the cash grants at the South Ruimveldt Primary, where students from that school, South Ruimveldt Secondary and Nursery schools, as well as Polly’s Nursery benefitted from over $14.2 million in cash grants.

Education Officer, Felicia Madramootoo

Madramootoo noted, “it is a good initiative by the Government for this Because We Care cash grant and I know for sure the money will greatly assist the parents in this pandemic.”

Another Education Officer, Dr. Ritesh Tularan, said approximately $20 million was distributed for students of the West Ruimveldt Primary and Alexander Nursery Schools.

Meanwhile, parents thanked the Government for reintroducing the programme.

Amantha Rajkumar said, “it is good enough for the children, it is a good start for the kids them, so you could be able to buy some stuff for them while they at home doing, they school work”.

Parent, Amantha Rajkumar

Keron Lowe told DPI, “I would like to say thanks for what the President is doing and I know at least it gonna assist in whatever special way it could… I’d like to say thanks a lot.”

Parent, Keron Lowe

Another parent, Matthew Xavier, who uplifted the cash grant at the West Ruimveldt Primary said, “I want to say thanks to the Ministry of Education for this commission of receiving this grant and thanks to the Government over all… [and] basically it would be beneficial in ways that we could go about getting the material for the grade ahead of us…so I am thankful for it.” The Government of Guyana has expended some $3.2 billion for the initiative which will see every child in the public school system benefiting from $19,000.

Parent, Matthew Xavier

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