Guyana neds ‘cadre of skilled thinkers’ to lead its modernisation

– Minister Edghill tells Nation’s graduating class

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, says Guyana needs a “high cadre of skilled thinkers” among its human resources to lead its modernisation and transformation. 

The Minister made this statement in his feature address to the 2021 Masters of Business Administration graduating class at the Nations University Friday.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, MP, delivers his feature address

“You are going to walk out here today, and you’re going to be pursuing a future, advancing your careers, knocking on the doors for promotion, developing that entrepreneurial spirit, some of you pursuing your own businesses, becoming the new set of thinkers and innovators and philosophers in Guyana.  

“You are graduating at a time when Guyana needs tonnes like you, our human resource capital needs to be developed. Guyana needs a high cadre of skilled thinkers, movers and shakers, who will catapult our development and will contribute towards the modernisation and transformation of Guyana.”

Minister Edghill told the graduates to start ‘thinking big’ and to use the skills and experiences they have acquired to make Guyana world famous. He also urged them to be creators of wealth and to use their knowledge to help others.

“Don’t limit yourself to the place of looking for a job, think big, start employing people, be innovators, be creators of wealth and certainly use your knowledge and experience to teach others,” the Public Works Minister said.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nations Incorporated, Dr. Dexter Phillips presenting the parchment to a graduand

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of Nations Incorporated, Dr. Dexter Phillips, told the graduating class, they must keep learning and move forward successfully.

“Think of yourselves as lifelong learners so keep learning, be patient enough to learn but impatient enough to take risk so think big and move forward…

“Be confident in your abilities yet humble enough to accept that you will not always be the one in the room with the most knowledge, therefore exercise humility,” Dr. Phillips said.

Additionally, Director – Nations Incorporated, Mrs. Pamela O’Toole congratulated the graduating class for their hard work and dedication amidst the pandemic.

Director – Nations Incorporated, Mrs. Pamela O’Toole addresses the graduating class

“This is indeed a celebration not only of academic achievement but of resilience, determination, focus, commitment and perseverance.

“The road to successfully completing a course of study is never easy, but in the middle of a pandemic made all the more difficult.” This simple graduation ceremony commenced on Tuesday August 10th, and concluded on Friday August 13th. It was held in phases, to adhere to the gazetted COVID-19 Measures. Some 101 students graduated in areas of Hospital and Health Services Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing and Oil and Gas Management.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill and some of the graduates

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