Paramakatoi, Bamboo Creek, Bashville Yawong students benefit from ‘Because We Care’ grant

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP,  has assured all hinterland students that the Government has made provisions for them to benefit from the ‘Because We Care’ initiative.

The Minister made this statement at Bashville Yawong, Region Eight when she launched the initiative there.  She spearheaded the distribution of $18, 297,000 at Paramakatoi, Bamboo Creek and Bashville Yawong.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP, opens the box to start the distribution.

Students attending Paramakatoi Nursery, Primary and Secondary, Bamboo Creek Nursery and Primary and Bashville Yawong Primary schools benefitted.

Minister Sukhai told the recipients that the $19,000 per public-school student grant must be used to prepare children for the September school term.

She said the PPP/C Government returned, and increased, the ‘Because We Care’ programme because it believes that education will catalyse the nation.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP, interacts with parents who collected the cash grant

“It is important for your children to stay focused in school. It is important for your children to attend regularly, the school in their village and it is important for them to concentrate.

“If your child does not have the required supplies, as children they too have difficulties coping and therefore, our Government is helping and assisting the parents to ensure that we invest significantly in our young children, students, those who we are preparing  to, in the future,  take over the leadership of this country.”

The reintroduction of the education grant initiative is the fulfilment of yet another promise made by the PPP/C during the 2020 hustings. 

This parent collects the cash grant.

“I want to remind you that His Excellency did announce during the campaign that before the end of our first term, that every child will benefit from the $50,000 per child programme.

“So, from $10,000 in 2014 to none between 2015 and 2020 to $15,000 per child. We will be expecting as children and parents the fulfilment of our promise and commitment to you the people and children of this nation.  Education for our nation is an important factor for our future development. Our country is basically moving to a more modern state and we will need educated professionals and trained human resource.”

Meanwhile, the parents in Region Eight are happy that their children are benefitting from the countrywide initiative.

Ms. Joycelyn Kaiser, of Bamboo Creek, welcomed the initiative.

Parents waiting to collect the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant for their children

“I feel proud because of the grant that I’m getting for my children because the former Government… never give us this grant to help our children who are going to school; no wonder we are facing challenges, especially those secondary children.

“We don’t have cash to support them with whatever they want. But I’m proud that I’m getting grant.”

Mr. Sylvin Joseph, a resident of Bashville Yawong, who says he had  never before benefited from this cash grant is happy to collect the sums for his four children.

“I feel better you know, that I get this thing. I never get nothing so, right now I feel glad.

“I must ga buy something for them. I need my children going to school steady so I must ga buy clothes for them and book and so.”

Mr. Cleveland Peters of Bashville Yawong expressed similar sentiments.

“I [thankful] for that how I collect the thing for my children. Thanks for that…I plan to buy school bags, sandals or the boots but right here so hard to get these things, but thanks for this what I collecting.”

Minister Sukhai is part of team of Ministers that journeyed to Region Eight to oversee the distribution of the cash grant, to each child in a public nursery, primary and secondary school.

The Government has set aside some $3.2 billion for the rollout of this programme.

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