Pensioners welcome Govt’s $1.6 billion one-off payment

Some 65,000 pensioners are set to benefit from $25,000 each or a total of $1.6 billion the Government has introduced to support vulnerable citizens.

President Dr. Mohammed Irfaan Ali announced the one-0ff payment for the pensioners, who were among several groups targeted for  additional support.

In his address to the nation Monday, the President said: “In the coming months, we will continue to work in finding ways in which we will continuously make your life easier, ways in which we will continue to make you more prosperous, ways in which we will deliver to you a life that is fulfilling and satisfying.”

Speaking with DPI, several persons in downtown Georgetown praised the initiative.

Pensioner, Ms. Carleen Mitchell,  said the grant has come at the right time.

“Yeah, we need it… cost of living is getting very high, cost of living is going up daily so it is needed at this time, it is just appropriate.”

Ms. Wilma Trotman

Ms. Wilma Trotman expressed gratitude for the grant.

“I am grateful for whatsoever help that can at least help us in this time. I am grateful for that and I would like to say to the President and the Cabinet, thank you.”

Chaitram Gulcharran

Mr. Chaitram Gulcharran was also pleased about the initiative.

“Pensioners will be good cause these are hard times. Cost of living is on the rise so those old people who don’t have no other form income, any additional income most of them will be able to use it in a very constructive manner. I think it is a good effort.”

Mr. Langsford Klass

Mr. Langsford Klass  said: “That is good for the pensioners because they need every cent. Everybody knows cost of living is up right now, everything gone up so the seniors, if they can get more than that is even better.”

The total  $2.6 billion in relief measures will see persons with disabilities and public assistance recipients benefiting from an additional $25,000 amounting to over $600 million in disposable income. Also, over 40,000 households consuming 75 kilowatt-hours per month will benefit from some $200 million in electricity payments to Guyana Power and Light, equivalent to one month of their electricity bill.

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