Region Three residents celebrate Easter in traditional way after two-year hiatus

Easter 2022 was long awaited by many. It has been two years since the citizens of Guyana were able to celebrate Easter in the usual way, in a pre-pandemic world.

Joe Vieira Park during Easter Monday celebration in Region Three

Now that many of the rules and mandates have been removed, people flocked to the parks and grounds to create memories with family and friends. DPI took its cameras to Region Three at the most popular Easter locations- Bushy Park, Joe Vieira Park and the seawalls.

Bushy Park during Easter Monday celebration in Region Three

All of these locations had families enjoying the time in the sun. The skies were decorated with colourful shapes and colours, and the shores lined with celebrants sporting bright smiles and contagious laughter.

The seawalls in Region Three during Easter Monday celebration

At Bushy Park, many persons were seen barbecuing, chatting, dancing and even swimming. The seawalls were swarmed with excited families and busy vendors who were trying to take full advantage of the removal of the COVID-19 measures, to build their businesses.

Preemraj Persaud

At Joe Vieira Park, many reminisced about events before the lockdown, and stated that they were relieved to experience the vibrance once again.

One father, Junior Hunter mentioned how restrained family activities have been for the past two years. “The fact that all the COVID restrictions have been lifted, it’s good. Last year, I remember we had to fly kites on the roof actually… so it’s great to be out,” Hunter explained.

Man holding kite

The scenes witnessed were filled with eager children anticipating the moment their kites would soar into the sky while mothers tried to set up the perfect family picnics.

Ryan Wright, a Trinidadian tourist shared his views on his first Easter in Guyana. “This will be my first Easter in Guyana and so far, I’m loving it. Great atmosphere, great people. I’m just loving the whole surrounding,” he told DPI.

Ryan Wright

At each location visited, the Easter celebrants had a similar message. “It feels so good to celebrate Easter with my loved ones out in the open again, without fear, but rather freedom,” as one patron related. Another excited citizen, Lloyd Gariba was extremely grateful that things are back to some normalcy. “I am having a wonderful time. I must say thanks to the president for opening back the country, so everybody can get to enjoy themselves,” he expressed.

Lloyd Gariba

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