Linden Hospital CEO instructed to rescind dismissal of 27 employees

─ contracts will be renewed ─ Dr. Anthony

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony, M.P, said the contracts for the 27 employees of the Linden Hospital Complex who received dismissal letters on Thursday by the Chief Executive Officer, Rudolph Small, will be renewed.

On Thursday, the mostly auxillary staff received missives from the CEO, stating that their services were no longer needed at the institution.

“Yesterday [Thursday], the administration of the Linden hospital would have sent letters to about 27 persons who are working with the institution, telling them that they would no longer renew their contracts,” Dr. Anthony said during Friday’s COVID-19 update.

“When the ministry learnt about it, we reached out to the CEO and asked him to rescind the letters, so as of last night, all those letters should’ve been rescinded so nobody is going home, so I just want to make sure that people understand that.

“We’ll expect that the contracts for all those persons will be renewed and would be renewed for the usual duration,” the minister said. Dr. Anthony said like any other person employed by the government, public servants’ performance will be evaluated and once found to be satisfactory, they will continue to work.

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