Outreaches an example of consultative democracy being practiced by the PPP/C Gov’t

Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo said the PPP/C Administration has placed consultative democracy high on its transformative agenda, and the massive community outreaches ongoing by the administration are an ultimate proof of conscionable leadership, which the country lacked five years before August 2020.

During a media conference Friday, Dr. Jagdeo explained the rationale behind the consultation sessions, noting that the forums allow residents to communicate directly with the policy makers.

Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo

Dr Jagdeo said consultations are, “an essential part of our ethos as the People’s Progressive Party, that is keeping in touch with people on the ground, which arose out of the philosophy of our party that we must remain engaged, not aloof in government,” Dr. Jagdeo asserted.

The best form of engagement, he emphasised, is to gather information directly from the people, cutting out the middleman. He stated that the ultimate test of a participatory democracy is allowing the voices of the citizens to be heard.

“And the only way you can have feedback as to what’s really happening in the country, and how your policies are affecting people, is if you go directly on the ground and listen to them,” the Vice President underscored.

He noted that the criticisms emanating from a particular section of society about the government meeting residents at the grass root level, will not stop the administration’s plans. 

‘It is an important thing when people can fearlessly stand up and say to the President or any government authority how they feel and even criticise them, that’s good for democracy in a country,” he stressed.

The Vice President pointed out too, that Guyanese have waited for a very long time to have many important issues addressed.

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and Dr. Jagdeo have been leading ministerial outreaches to a number of regions across the country.

The government has already received high commendation for it from residents within these districts. Regions Two, Five, Six and Ten have already been covered through the outreaches.

Many communities will see the rehabilitation of a number of roads and other infrastructural projects, while money has been set aside to offer part-time jobs to stimulate household income.

Additionally, residents will benefit from small grants, valuing up to $250,000 to aid the establishment or development of their business. Co-investment opportunities were also offered during the meetings.

While a number of cabinet members have already held their individual outreaches in all 10 regions, the full team will return to host community engagements.

Though the country’s wider transformative plan is critical, Dr. Jagdeo said government intends to balance the major projects, even as it moves to resolve the daily issues of citizens.

He said the more people on the ground understand the administration’s agenda, they will see that Guyana is on a journey to becoming wealthy.

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