Guyana set to resume manganese export after 54 years

─ three major gold operations also being established

Guyana is set to resume the exportation of manganese as government seeks to further diversify the economy.

Since taking office, government has made it clear that it will not depend solely on the booming oil and gas sector to develop the economy and its people.

Senior Minister in the office of the President with responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh.

This was disclosed Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance Dr. Ashni Singh as he addressed the Private Sector Commission’s 30th Annual General Meeting on Thursday.

During his address, the minister assured the PSC that government will work to ensure the country’s non-oil economy is strengthened. He noted that vessels in the North-West district are currently being laden with manganese for export.

“Right now, as we speak, vessels are being loaded in the North West of Guyana with Guyana’s first shipment of manganese in 54 years,” Minister Singh disclosed.

Research shows that manganese is used to produce a variety of important alloys and to deoxidise steel and desulfurise. Manganese is also used in dry cell batteries and as a black-brown pigment in paint.

Additionally, as government seeks to develop a resilient non-oil economy, Minister Singh revealed that three major large-scale gold mining operations are being established in Guyana. The operations he said will be much larger than one of Guyana’s largest gold operations, Omai Gold Mines.

“You know how significant Omai was. Contemplate for a moment three large scale operations, each of which is larger than Omai. Consider for a moment that each one of these will be employing more than 100 Guyanese. Consider the food and other supplies, transport services, construction, equipment supply and maintenance services, and all the multiplier benefits these operations will generate,” he stated.

The PSC was also assured that government will continue to place emphasis on areas such as agriculture, tourism, telecommunications and renewable energy to develop its non-oil economy.

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