Teachers endorse requirement for CPCE training

Teachers at the nursery through secondary levels are in agreement with the recent requirement by the Ministry of Education, that all untrained teachers be trained through the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE).

DPI on Wednesday, spoke to several teachers who noted that college training is important for the delivery of quality education.

Turkeyen Nursery School teacher, Hardi Ramsaroop

Hardi Ramsaroop, a trained teacher for the past 20 years assigned at the Turkeyen Nursery School said, “I think it is a good initiative by the minister because going to college helps you to guide the children in the right direction, use different teaching strategies, deliver the curriculum in a more effective way.

“It will impact the students because they will have a child friendly classroom when they come to school, and that will motivate them. A trained teacher will be able to assist the slow learner, and while she is doing that, she can manage her classroom and everybody can be at the same pace, so being a trained teacher is very important.”

Stella Maris Primary School teacher, Renee Perry-Clarke

Stella Maris Primary School teacher, Renee Perry-Clarke, a trained educator for the past 21 years noted that training helps teachers to be more competent, and harness skills that can only be acquired through college training.

She lauded the move by the ministry as a step in the right direction, as it will benefit both teachers and students.

“I find the trained teachers are more impactful because they would have been garnered what skills that they need to deal with children at all levels whether it be socially, academically… at the college they are trained in all spheres of education. They have what it takes to take on the challenge of moulding the nation’s children, preparing them to the best of their ability.”

Teacher interacting with primary school students

Perry-Clarke added that, “I can see this initiative of having all teachers trained is something that is beneficial and necessary for the profession of teaching, but not only to the teachers, but also to the pupils because they are going to benefit the most. So, having a trained teacher certificate or going college is in the best interest of the teacher.”

Meanwhile, St. Stanislaus College teacher, Zion Ramsey while noting the importance of college training, shares the view that some untrained teachers are capable of teaching effectively.

St. Stanislaus College teacher, Zion Ramsey

“I have mixed emotions meaning I agree that teachers should be trained because it teaches us just not the content, but it teaches methodologies, meaning how to teach. However, some untrained teachers can do that, as well, but for me, why teach and not train. If you want to make this your profession then you should be trained in it.”

Meanwhile, government through the Ministry of Education is actively working to ensure educators are in a better position to deliver quality education, as Guyana moves towards a first-class education system.

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