Development priorities for Linden secure – Minister Croal

Region Ten is set to benefit from the same rate of development as the rest of Guyana as it is government’s plan to ensure that all Guyanese have fair and equitable access to a better standard of living.

This message was underscored by Minister of Housing and Water, Colin Croal, M.P, during remarks in the mining town of Linden on Wednesday evening, as Guyana celebrated its 56th Independence anniversary with a flag raising ceremony there.

Minister of Housing and Water, Colin Croal, M.P.

Guyana attained independence from Great Britain on May 26, 1966.

According to Minister Croal, Region Ten is set to benefit from a number of initiatives particularly with the provision of hundreds of part-time jobs, robust infrastructure and 1,000 move-in-ready homes and house-lots being delivered to the region.

Already, Minister Croal stressed, that celebrations like the flag raising ceremony are fitting times to reminisce on how far Guyana has come over the years, and all that is in store for the country.

Scenes from the independence anniversary celebration

To demonstrate the seriousness of the administration’s commitment to the Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice region, the government, in less than two years in office, has signed a historic contract for the construction of the USD $190 million Linden to Mabura Hill Road.

“The investment and employment opportunities that will rebound to Linden is not lost on your government. The Linden to Mabura Hill project is a gift to this community. It can turn your fortunes around through job creation, entrepreneurship and trade,” Minister Croal explained.

The minister further reminded residents that during recent visits by Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, Lindeners were assured that the government is committed to giving every citizen access to Guyana’s oil wealth through improved health care and better education.

Scenes from the independence anniversary celebration

This development drive has birthed negotiations with the Inter-American Development Bank to upgrade the Linden hospital; and with the Islamic Development Bank for a $120 million project which, upon approval will see the massive improvement of the Soesdyke-Linden Highway before the end of this year through resurfacing works.

Minister Croal stressed that the region is headed to increased prosperity, which is earmarked to impact every home and life in Linden, and its surrounding areas. Community roads, in places like Industrial Area, Kara Kara, Amelia’s Ward, Silver City and Block 22 will all receive $600 million worth of upgrades.

Other key investments and developments in Linden that are providing jobs and upward mobility for Lindeners include the establishment of the Midas BPO Guyana – Kara Kara Call Centre, a water treatment plant, 800 new temporary jobs and 250 small business grants, as well as the establishment of the region’s first office by the Ministry of Labour. 

Housing development drive

placing the spotlight on the administration’s efforts to distribute sustainable housing solutions for the township, Minister Croal told residents that some 600 acres of land were recently acquired by government which will see an additional 2,000 house-lots being delivered to residents.

“In keeping with the vision of His Excellency for Linden which includes the construction of 1,000 housing units to young professionals of all income brackets, we have already started with the allocation and the handing over of 18 young professionals houses for doctors, teachers, and other public servants.”

Scenes from the independence anniversary celebration

Regarding unregulated housing in Amelia’s Ward on the outskirts of the township, Minister Croal underscored that his Ministry has engaged the community in multiple consultations.

It was made clear that the regularisation of the specific area in the community will be executed in conformity with the norms of government.

“We will continue to find solutions for the housing needs for the people of Linden, as well as to work with the people of Linden and resolve their issues,” the Minister committed.

Residents of Amelia’s Ward will benefit from upgraded roads and street lights. This forms part of a package of infrastructure development works government has put together for the community.

All of the contracts for these projects have been signed, and land preparation is underway at the various project sites.

“More than $751 million has been designated for building and infrastructure development work in Linden in 2022 to bolster our efforts towards development in the region.”

To further demonstrate the administration’s commitment to the township, Minister Croal told Lindeners the whopping 400 house lot allocated since 2020, much more than the 300 lots distributed by the former administration over a five-year period.

Beware of mischievous actors

The housing minister urged residents to resist attempts by local political actors who seek to cast doubt on the upward development trajectory of the township.

A few persons in question made failed attempts during the minister’s remarks to derail the reigning in of the nation’s independence anniversary.

In response, the minister said, “we have your interest at heart. Do not allow your leaders to stymie development.”

The minister’s comments were directed to the relocation of persons from key public accesses that are slated for infrastructural upgrades.

“The only persons who will be interfered with are those who are on the alignment for the road construction because for you to have infrastructure work and development done for the community of Amelia’s Ward, it includes road networking.”

Minister Croal said the government’s current and future projects within the township is a demonstration of the administration’s efforts to solidify Linden as a hub for economic activities to transform the lives of residents.

Following a march pass by the disciplined forces, the Golden Arrowhead was hoisted just outside the region’s Regional Democratic Council’s (RDC) office.

Guyana attained Independence from British colonial rule on May 26, 1966.

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