BIT seeking to reform mentorship programme

The Board of Industrial Training (BIT), is refashioning its mentorship programme to prepare youths for the working environment.

BIT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Richard Maughn made the disclosure to members of local organs, training centres and business community in Region Six recently during a skills training consultation there.

Board of Industrial Training (BIT), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Richard Maughn.

The CEO said, while the agency is building a skilled workforce, it also provides guidance to participants to understand what is expected of them.

“We have not made it (general life skills programme) mandatory for all regions and trainees because of the fact that it is online, and in some incidences, there are issues with connectivity… we also do have one on one with them when they are doing that course dealing with a lot issues regarding self-concept and employability skills,” Maughn explained.

He said while the agency is working to address the issues, he hopes members attached to the training centres will encourage future trainees to participate in the programme.  The BIT CEO stressed the importance of the programme, noting that no one should be left out.

“Sometimes, mentors forget that they are mentors and seek to become counsellors, but a mentor is a totally different scenario, and so I want to us to encourage students to do the general life skills programme that is being offered by BIT online,” he added.

Earlier this year, the ministry launched a “work readiness” programme in secondary schools targeting Grade 10 and11 students to ensure they are job ready, once they attain their secondary education.

Areas such as proper work ethics and responsibility, resume and curriculum vitae-writing, application writing, and how to dress for and conduct one’s self at job interviews will be offered in the programme.

BIT and the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA) are expected to train the students. The initiative is in partnership with the Ministry of Education.

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