Contractor gets two-week extension to finish $117 M Cane Grove road

The contractor executing works on the $117 million Cane Grove road in Region Four has been given a two-week extension by Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P, on Friday, when inspected the project upon residents’ request.

He explained that works were initially set to be completed on May 21, by Avinash Contracting and Scrap Metal. The works include 260 meters of asphaltic concrete road, along with the construction of two bridges, and a culvert.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill inspecting road works in Cane Grove.

“I have issued an instruction, that written instructions be given to the contractor that he has two weeks to complete the work,” Minister Edghill stated.

However, Minister Edghill said while the contractor is at fault, he is calling on residents to cooperate, and allow for the works to be completed. He said he has asked the Chairman of the Cane Grove Neighbourhood Democratic Council to engage the millers on the use of the road while works are ongoing.

The collapsed bride in Cane Grove that will have emergency works

“It would appear that residents have not fully cooperated with the fact that you have to have a traffic management plan to facilitate traffic while construction is going on. And some of the haulers fetching paddy have gone on the eight feet that is already prepared for asphaltic concrete, have damaged the shoulders and they have also damaged some of the geo-cells that have been put in place,” the minister explained.

He said there is need for cooperation as very soon the road will be closed off completely for one night to facilitate paving.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill inspecting road works in Cane Grove.

Additionally, emergency works will be carried out on a bridge in the community which has collapsed. The bridge is not part of the $117 million contract however, it provides access to hundreds of persons in the Cane Grove community.  

“We have already gone out to procurement; we are at evaluation. It will be at Cabinet for no objection, an award will be made and work will begin here,” he stated.

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