MV Kanawan to be out for maintenance for five weeks

The MV Kanawan which services the Parika/Supenaam route will be placed in dry dock for five weeks from June 1, for maintenance.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill explained that the move is necessary to ensure the vessel remains serviceable. The MV Sabanto which also traverses the same route, will also go into dry dock once the MV Kanawan is back out for sustainable use of both vessels.

Minister of Public Works Bishop Juan Edghill MP.

“Those ferries have not gone into dry dock for a long time, and that is largely because of the demand, but before we lose them, we will have to get both into dry dock. So, we are going to put them into dry dock in a phased manner.

So, Wednesday, we are going to put MV Kanawan into dry dock so it will just be MV Sabanto that will be operating the Parika/Supenaam route,” the minister stated.

However, Minister Edghill said there is no need to panic as the ministry already has alternative solutions in place to fill the gap. This includes adding another vessel to the route to cater for the demand.

“The five o’clock schedule will be kept and the boat will be moving up and down the river in what is called a touch and go manner… should there be required additional support, we will have to use one of the side docking vessels either the MV Malali or the MV Makouria, especially to help with trucks and people if they are moving paddy or other heavy crops, one of those vessels would also be assisting.”

Additionally, the minister noted that government, since taking office, has invested in ensuring vessels remain in service to the thousands of people who use them.

The public works minister disclosed that maintenance has been completed on the MV Barima, the MV Kimbia and the MV Malali, and they are all back out and on various routes.

He said the intention is to ensure Guyanese continue to enjoy the quality service they have come accustomed to since the government took office.

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