Over $5B spent on hinterland infrastructure, development to date – President Ali

More than $5 billion has been expended to support infrastructure and development across hinterland communities to date.

President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali made the announcement, during his address at the 56th Independence Anniversary celebration in Anna Regina, Region Two.

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.

The PPP/C Administration has always been committed to investing heavily in bridging the gap between the coast and hinterland, to ensure citizens on both sides enjoy similar standards of living.

“The loggers, the miners, the communities can all benefit from this transformative agenda that we have embarked on,” Dr. Ali told residents along the Essequibo Coast.

Government has also made an investment of close to $17 billion in the water sector which now provides first time access to reliable water to over 35,000 people, in less than two years.

In excess of 20 new wells have been dug in hinterland communities alone, providing service to some 20,000 people, significantly increasing the coverage of reliable water by 60 percent.

President Ali pointed out that government has undertaken a national journey to transform lives, building national prosperity, and enhancing the welfare of citizens.

“This is the type of work your government has embarked on, not only to bring relief and immediate benefit, but more importantly to ensure we create the opportunities that will have us live in a sustainable environment for the future,” the Head of state underscored.

He said works have commenced on road links between villages and regions, as he highlighted the move to link Wauna to Mabaruma and other areas, hinting intentions to upgrade thoroughfares across the Matarkai sub districts, as well.

Major infrastructural works are coming to South Rupununi, while connection of roads between Regions Eight and Nine are in the pipe line.

The administration has commenced work on surveys and clearing the alignment for the Timehri/Bartica and the Parika/Goshen Road links.

“For us, growth is much more than an economic indicator. Real growth must uplift all the people of our country together in to prosperity, every family must rise and enjoy the development that is going to take place,” Dr. Ali emphasised.

The President noted that Guyana now has a government that is responsive, responsible and proactive in making the right policies for the nation’s transformation.  

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