Over 3, 000 women will be trained under WIIN this year

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security intends to train over 3000 women through the Women Innovation, Investment Network (WIIN) programme, over 800 more than those who were trained in 2021.

The WIIN initiative, which is the brainchild of the Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Dr. Vindhya Persaud, provides women with the tools for financial stability and self-employment.

Gender inequality and access to equal job opportunities for women have been issues that the ministry is committed to addressing. The WIIN programme is free of cost, and readily accessible to women across the country.

Minister, Dr. Vindhya Persaud interacting with participants at the WIIN training programme

During an outreach to Regions Five and Six, on Friday, the human services minister said the WIIN programme will allow women to create opportunities to establish and develop their own businesses.

“We want to teach you to create opportunities, we want to teach you to become entrepreneurs, we want to teach you how to start your own business, how to grow your own business, and how you can sustain your own business,” the minister said.

While in the regions, the minister launched phase two of the WIIN programme which is its business clinic to ensure persons have access to the necessary resources and training to “become their own boss.”

Many persons registered for the business clinic workshop. This saw partners like the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), among others, ensuring that women can have access to the relevant documentation in order to start their businesses.

In addition, after the completion of phase two of the WIIN training programme, the ministry has also put measures in place to ensure women can be assisted with funding to boost or start their business.

Minister Persaud said over 3, 000 women have received $50, 000 cash grants, as a stimulus to start their business, since the launch of the business clinic. Further, the ministry will continue to work towards allocating more money for this significant initiative.

Participants at the WIIN training programme

“We have to start thinking creatively about how we can utilise the skills we have, to fill the niche that exists in our Region, what are the things that are missing, how can you fill those gaps, how can you provide services and how can you provide it cost-effectively [and] efficiently,” the minister noted.

Further, she is encouraging women not to stop there, but to access the female business incubator and App which is geared towards advertising women-owned businesses in Guyana.

The minister explained that the incubator will ensure women are “on their feet” and provides assistance where needed. She said since its launch in August, 2021, over 700 women have benefitted.

Meanwhile, during her visit the minister spearheaded a number of teams from the ministry to deal with issues including; gender affairs, child care and protection, pension and public service.

A team from the Gender Affairs Bureau of the ministry held sessions with residents, which focused on forming and expanding men and women’s groups in both regions.

These groups, Dr. Persaud said will be provided with training and services in a number of areas such as, anger management, conflict resolution, domestic violence, among others.

Also, a number of persons living with disabilities were given support.

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