Signing of Contracts for Rehabilitation of Miscellaneous Roads in Regions Three and Six

The Ministry of Public Works on Thursday, June 9, 2022, signed a total of 57 contracts valued at $2,088,644,072 for Rehabilitation of Miscellaneous Roads in regions three (3) and six (6).

The sum of $1,567,065,060 has been allocated for Three (3) and $521,579,012 for Region Six (6).

In total 57 Miscellaneous Roads will be rehabilitated, spanning the length of 27 KM across regions three (3) and six (6). The design features rehabilitation of existing alignments to either asphaltic concrete or concrete pavement.

Among the grouping at the signing were several new contractors who tendered for projects. Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, while delivering brief remarks, welcomed the new contractors to the fold and emphasised the need for quality work.

Minister Edghill says the new contractors on board is evidence of Government’s continued commitment of ensuring a level playing field for opportunities for every person and business, regardless of size. He assures the nation that Government will continue to implement its budget, to advance its infrastructure development agenda and bring much needed relief to communities nationwide.

The Minister also urged contractors to work on their community relationship, ensuring respect and cordiality with communities.

“Government’s intervention in bringing development in communities must not leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the beneficiaries. It must be a pleasant experience.” 

“Again, I am emphasizing that before work start in a community the engineers must go with the contractor and meet the leaders of the community to talk to them about the project and to give them a copy of the unpriced bill of quantities. The people must be able to have that, and I want to emphasised that again.” The duration of work on average is 2-10 months.

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