Gov’t building community contractors’ capacity – Minister Indar

Community contractors are being targeted to conduct infrastructural works, as government aims to have residents more proactive in the execution of developmental projects within their communities.

Minister Indar and the engineering team inspecting ongoing road works in Region Six.

Minister within the Ministry of Public Works, Deodat Indar, M.P, on Wednesday said community involvement is key, and the current infrastructural projects being rolled out in Region Six (East Berbice- Corentyne) are geared towards building contractors’ capacity to undertake road works there.

“This is something that we [government] are encouraging, and we are actually fostering the development of the contractor.”

Minister Indar and the engineering team inspecting ongoing road works in Region Six.

The minister was at the time inspecting ongoing works in the region. He urged contractors to honour the contractual obligations.

“I spoke to some of the contractors, the quality of the roads that they are delivering is also of concern, so we got to make sure we deliver proper roads. If it is concrete, it must be relatively smooth for concrete roads, and if it is asphaltic concrete, you know the layers must be uniformed throughout the spread of the road. So, things like that we are looking at, and we will pay some more emphasis on that, as well,” the minister said.

Road in Region Six.

Meanwhile, works are being executed under the ministry’s Special Projects Unit in several communities such as Crabwood Creek, Little India, and Little Africa.

The first phase of road works in those areas highlighted will see the rehabilitation of 44 roads and footpaths by contractors of the various communities.

The second phase is set to commence shortly, and will see the rehabilitation of 100 roads in the communities of Fort Ordnance, Chesney, Whim and Belvedere, and the continuation of road works in Little India, Crabwood Creek and others.

This major infrastructural project is the result of a commitment recently made by Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo following community engagements in the region.

Ongoing works in Region Six by contractors from within the community.

DPI spoke with several residents who expressed gratitude for the new roads, and employment being created in their communities.

Jenny Persaud said, “It is better because the road was totally bad… when rain fall children foot all, to nasty when they come to school with them boots and everything so yeah it is very good.”

Anita Somai shared similar sentiments.

“It helps the children very much because like you know it does get water, hole and thing now it’s good. The road is very good and everything, but me think we need a lil speed bump.”

Another resident Kallawattie Singh said, “Very nice, we like about it because of our children. It good for them you know, and we thank the president a lot for what he doing. It is a great job.”

Stanley Jacobs said it is long awaited, and he is happy to see it brought into reality.

“I am very grateful; I am very grateful for this because it has been a long while and personally for me, I have been living here for over 11 years and the road has never been done so I am very grateful, and I am very happy to the government for doing this for me.”

The government is aiming to rehabilitate roads in every community across the region.

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