Govt on mission to include all citizens in Guyana’s prosperity – President Ali

Several projects earmarked for Region Seven communities

His Excellency Dr Irfaan Ali told the residents of Upper Mazaruni, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) that his Government is on a national mission to bring prosperity to all citizens under the ‘One Guyana’ platform.

The Head of State made this pronouncement yesterday as he addressed residents of communities in Kaikan, Phillipai and Kamarang during outreach exercises.

President Ali being led to the community meeting by a senior resident in Kaikan

“The only way we can build an equitable society is if we have a society in which the prosperity of the country can be shared with every single family across our country….As a people, we have to have humility and we have to support each other.”

The Region Seven residents were updated on the Government’s progressive agenda, including its aim to improve the health and education sectors countrywide.

Today’s visit is a continuation of the President’s outreach to the region which started in Bartica on June 15 during which the President conducted a community meeting, visited several schools in the town and met with the local private sector.


President Ali’s first stop today was in Kaikan, where he reminded of his Government’s interventions, including $7m in Covid cash grant, and numerous other initiatives that aided a cross-section of the community members, including school children.

“We have also re-employed every single CSO (Community Service Officers) that was fired in the last government, every single one of those CSOs was re-employed, bringing back opportunities to those young people and revenue in the villages they are from.”

Regarding new initiatives, President Ali told the residents that they will soon receive a new tractor with agricultural implements that will serve the communities of Arauand Kaikan. These interventions, he reiterated, are to enhance the welfare and wellbeing of the people.

“Whether your community has 420 people or your community has 100,000 people, you’re entitled to the development, and you’re entitled to be part of the prosperity of this country.”

The President lauded the support of the army in the border community, whose members have worked on several projects over the last year.  He announced that they will now work together to build a guest house, with materials from the Government.

Several other projects were identified, including the construction of shade houses and a poultry project, both with an aim of enhancing food production.

President Ali and school children from Kaikan

In Phillipai and Kamarang, President Ali said that the Ministry of Agriculture will work along with the communities on an agriculture plan to enhance their production. He emphasised that this will align with Guyana and the Caribbean’s plan to reduce its food import bill by 25% by 2025.

For Kamarang specifically, President Ali said that the community could become a central location for the mining and logging industry.


The President stressed that all of the initiatives implemented and those to come are “people-centred” and are being formulated through consultations.

“I want to say to you, as a Government, we believe in some very important principles. We believe that we must be responsive to your needs. But we cannot be responsive to your needs if we don’t listen to you if we don’t come to you, and we don’t engage you, and that is why you’re seeing the Cabinet all over the country.”

Residents were presented with cricket, football and volleyball gear after the meetings.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance, the Honourable Gail Teixeira; the Minister of Housing and Water, the Honourable Collin Croal; the Minister of Amerindian Affairs, the Honourable Pauline Sukhai and Police Commissioner (ag), Clifton Hicken were also on the outreach.

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