Funds earmarked for consultation for Amerindian Act revision – President Ali 

The government through the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, has set aside financial resources this year, to commence a national consultation as part of plans to revise the Amerindian Act of 2006.

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali made the announcement during his address to residents of Phillipai, Upper Mazaruni, Region Seven, on Friday last.

His Excellency, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali being greeted by residents of the Upper Mazaruni.

During the interaction, residents spoke of the need for the Amerindian Act to be updated in accordance with national and international laws.

President Ali noted that the government is committed to delivering on its manifesto promise to review the act in full consultation with the Amerindian people, and their leaders.

“We can’t revise the Amerindian Act in some fancy office somewhere. We have to consult the people, going to every single community listening to the people, listening to their voices, not an association, an organisation, or a government, as a unified force,” he said.

He added, “all the people who are captured under the Amerindian Act must be involved in the process. Based on the principled of a consultative approach, we have to consult with the people, and that is our commitment.

The Amerindian Act is the primary legislation that governs the affairs of the Amerindian people of Guya. It provides for the recognition, and protection of collective rights of Amerindian Villages and Communities in Guyana and the promotion of good governance.

The People’s Progressive Party/ Civic Government in its manifesto in the run-up to the general elections of March 2020 had promised to revise the Act and ensure it adequately meets the current, and future needs of the Amerindians of Guyana.

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