1,900 job seekers registered on national job bank website

The Ministry of Labour’s national job bank has attracted some 1,900 job seekers since the premier launch of the website in March 2022.

An additional 139 employers have signed on to the website, making available some 299 job opportunities.  

Minister, Joseph Hamilton, M.P, said the data shows a good response by the public to the new online platform which offers ways to optimise the hiring process, and reach a wider audience.

Minister of Labor, Joseph Hamilton, M.P.

“For me, the most important thing is not so much the figures, the numbers and the data but, how many persons were employed and this is the most important issue for me, so, that is what we will pay some attention to, so that at any given moment, I can report that so many places were employed via the job bank,” he explained.

The ministry is currently conducting follow-up/ job tracing exercises to determine the number of persons who have been employed from the service. It is also advancing its job readiness programme to ensure applicants are better equipped, and aware of proper work ethics.  

The programme targets job seekers, as well as Grades 10 and 11 students. The list of popular categories of work include Arts & Design, Media/Publishing, Customer Support, Advertising/Marketing/PR, Hospitality/Travel/Tourism, Internet-E-commerce, Construction/Architecture, Food Industry and Government Services.

“The issue of discipline, ethics preparation for interview and writing a simple application, preparing a CV, I have enough information that suggests that because they were not taught those things (in school) they fail and fall short,” he noted.

So far, four one-day training workshops were undertaken by the Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA).

“We are present engaged with GT&T and Digicel to go make the necessary connections available in all the regional offices so that … we can have independent management of the job bank countrywide…the internet issues they are having with GT&T in some areas where it is unavailable, we having discussions with Digicel,” the minister explained.

The national job bank website was established by the PPP/C Government to enable employers to network with potential employees. There is no fee attached to the services.

Persons interested in the website can check out: https://www.jobs.gov.gy/.

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