Gov’t to clean up road shoulder encumbrances from Monday – Minister Edghill

The Ministry of Public Works will begin removing encumbrances found on government reserves, as well as roadways across the country, as of Monday, June 27.

Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P, underscored that the decision follows weeks of appeal to citizens to comply voluntarily.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P.

“That period of asking for moving is over. The Ministry of Public Works will begin to remove derelict sand, stone, debris, everything that is in the path encumbering the road shoulders through the length and breadth of Guyana,” Minister Edghill stated.

He made the announcement while giving remarks at the signing ceremony of the new four lane project, held at the parking lot of Rucamel Shopping Plaza, Rupert Craig Highway and Ogle Road intersection, on Friday.

The minister pointed out that vendors plying their trade along the Sheriff/Mandela roadway continue to affect traffic. This, he noted, defeats the purpose of improving the flow of traffic within that area.

“We got to bring an end to the lawlessness while we develop Guyana. Do you agree? we still got some time because today’s Friday, we got to do some cleaning up.

We got to do some movement. We got to do some changes. If not, the Ministry of Public Works will remove it, and if you come to claim it, the only way you will get in is when you pay us what it costs us to move it,” the minister added.

The ministry will not disrupt construction works, at business places or residences, once a temporary construction permit is issued.

“We know people are building and people are expanding, and being able to interfere with anybody who’s building a building or a business and you have to dump your standing sandstone because you’re doing construction- temporary permits that are issued for that, we’ll be talking about people who have things dumped with grass growing out the sand,” Minister Edghill stated.

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