Tourism ministry’s Snap & Share 56 competition winners awarded

Participants in the Ministry of Tourism Industry and Commerce’s Snap and Share 56 Photography Competition were on Wednesday awarded prizes.

The photo competition is an annual feature that allows Guyanese to take pictures of tourism products and experiences in Guyana and submit them to the ministry.

Minister Oneidge Walrond poses with the Top 20 winners of the Snap and Share 56 Photo Competition

After submission, the photos will be uploaded to social media where the public will have the opportunity to like and share. Winners were selected based on most likes and shares on the social media platforms.

The top five winners are Kishan Singh (5th), Kyle Joseph (4th) Govindra Raghubansi (3rd) Jermaine Messiah (2nd) and Shivanie Singh (1ST).

The first-place winner received $100,000 and a trip for two to Kaieteur from Evergreen tours while second place winner received $75,000 and a weekend with a Suzuki Jimny from Ansa Motors. The third place winner received $50,000, while the fourth place copped $25,000.

Other winners received cash prizes of $10,000, along with trips and meals compliments of businesses like Evergreen Adventures, The Marriott hotel, Cara Lodge, Old Fort Tours, and Odyssey Tours.

A representative of the second-place winner receives a prize from Ansa Motors representative.

Minister, Oneidge Walrond thanked participants for sharing the pictures, and noted the many aspects of Guyanese life persons could relate to.

“With this snap and share, it is our opportunity at the ministry, and with our Guyanese to really share our beautiful country and the fact that we really do have so much more in common than we do different,” Minister Walrond said.  

She also thanked the private sector for its support of the initiative in sponsoring some of the prizes for the competition.

“Tourism is one of the strategic sectors that government is focusing on,” Minister Walrond said.

She noted that government has placed a lot of resources in developing tourism because of the potential that it has.

“We believe not only in tourism as a way to market Guyana, but also as a way to drive economic activity for every single region, and every single community.”

The minister noted too, that a lot of communities will benefit from tourism as there is focus on community – led and driven tourism.

Communications Officer Cordell McClure, said compared to last year when there were approximately 250 entries, this year entries multiplied by some 300 percent.

Several of the winners spoke with DPI. Third place winner, Govindra Raghubansi said he is happy that his photo received positive feedback, especially from members of the diaspora.

His photographs show fish for sale at the Meadowbrook Wharf.

“It goes to show that you don’t necessarily need the most expensive equipment, or to go on adventure to place high, you just need a good photo that people can relate to, that is also of high quality. So, I encourage everyone to just give it a try, take your photos and keep them for the next competition,” he urged future participants.

Shunza Samuels-Messiah who placed sixth, said she believes the competition gives potential visitors an idea of where they can go when they visit here.

“I think that the competition gives persons an opportunity to see what we have to offer, to see the areas that we have to give beautiful unique Guyana, so yea I think it helps us in some ways to market and promote destination Guyana.”

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