70 tablets donated to schools by We are GUTSY Inc

Some 70 electronic tablets were on Monday donated to eight schools by We Are GUTSY Inc.

We Are GUTSY (Guyanese United to Serve our Youth) Inc is a non-governmental organization which aims to foster the well-being of young children in Guyana through coaching and mentoring, thereby enabling them to develop civic-minded attitudes and behaviours to become responsible citizens.

Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Hutson

The handing over was done in the conference room at the National Library.

Chief Education Officer, Dr Marcel Hutson noted that the organisation’s contribution to character building amongst students is important to the Ministry of Education’s efforts to address the anti-social and violent behaviour being displayed by some students.

70 tablets donated to schools by We are GUTSY Inc

During his remarks, the Chief Education Officer explained that there are three domains education should touch in the lives of students. These are cognitive, affective, and psychomotor. He added nurturing morals and values in students is equally as important as ensuring they are academically successful.

The organization also launched “GUTSY Backyard”, a website designed to provide an online community where educators and parents can access resources to further develop the social and emotional needs of children.

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