Minister Benn on the ground, calls on protestors to desist from destroying property

Following protests on the East Coast Demerara today, Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn took to the ground to appeal to citizens to return to their homes, and to desist from destroying property and disrupting traffic.
The protest is as a result of misinformation, that the accused police officer responsible for the death of Quindon Bacchus, has been released while investigations are still ongoing.

This is however false, as the officers are currently still in custody.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robinson Benn

During an interview, Minister Benn explained that the ministry, along with joint services ranks are intervening to restore order. He said political activists may be integral in the protest, and are trying to disrupt the peace of communities.

“We are restoring order and we are restoring the possibilities of travelling on the East Coast. We are worried that certain political activists are in between persons who are blocking the road, and setting alight the tires and debris, and that’s instigating a breakdown in communal relations and peace,” Minister Benn said.

Protesters earlier today, trashed the Mon Repos market, and the minister noted that “lack of early intervention resulted in it getting out of hand, and it cascaded down the Coast.”

He is urging citizens to remain calm and to respond in a non-violent manner to each other. A number of persons have already been arrested for destruction of property, along the coast.

We are taking pictures of persons who are involved in these nefarious activities, and more arrests will resort to the courts in effect of this negative activity,” Minister Benn added.

The home affairs minister is appealing to protestors to desist from blocking the roads, burning businesses and vehicles and from attacking other citizens. The joint services will continue to maintain the flow of traffic, and ensure the safety of citizens, especially those residing along the East Coast Demerara.

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