Removal of roadway encumbrances will ensure road safety – Min. Edghill

The removal of encumbrances along the roadways and government reserves will protect citizens plying their trade, promote ‘road safety’ and improve traffic flow especially in the cases of emergencies.

The Ministry of Public Works launched the removal campaign countrywide on Monday, June 27, after weeks of appeal to citizens to comply voluntarily.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill

 The campaign is in accordance with of the Laws of Guyana, Section 29 of the Road Act Cap. 51:01 – ‘seizure and disposal of property obstructing road’ Act.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, extended gratitude to the ‘patriotic Guyanese who conformed with the government’s call.

“As the Minister of Public Works, I would like to thank the many patriotic Guyanese who would’ve already heeded our call and has started to regularise themselves that is obvious throughout the various part of Guyana.”

Derelict vehicles

He made the address at the consultancy signing ceremony for the construction of the Ogle to Haags Bosch, Eccles four-lane highway held at the Ministry’s Kingston, Georgetown office on Wednesday.

The minister noted that many Guyanese have been compliant and have been reaching out to the ministry inquiring about the ministry’s derelict site to transport their derelict vehicles. Persons are also seeking help to remove their items.

The ministry’s derelict dumpsite is located in Laluni, persons can access the site from the Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway entrance. The dumpsite is manned by the ministry, and consists of a compactor that crushes and compacts derelict items. When compacted the items will be stored.

Derelict vehicles

Meanwhile, the minister is urging citizens to comply with the call.

The ministry will not disrupt construction works, business places or residences, once a temporary construction permit is issued. A ministerial team is currently on a removal campaign along the East Coast Corridor.

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