Over 1,700 in Region 5 employed in Govt’s part-time job programme

Over 1,700 Guyanese from the Mahaica-Berbice (Region Five) have found employment through the government’s part-time job initiative which was launched in June by Vice President, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo.

The programme was initially aimed at employing 1,000 persons from the region, but was extended to cater for an additional 1,000 due to an overwhelming number of applications.

More than 1,700 Region Five residents have been employed through government’s part-time initiative programme.

It is also part of government’s efforts to subsidise household income, in the face of the rising cost of living, and fulfills the administration’s manifesto promise to create employment for Guyanese.

In an interview with DPI on Wednesday, Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region Five, Genevieve Blackman said she was pleased that the programme was taken to the farming region.

“We are blessed, and we feel privileged to be one of the regions that is part of this initiative. As you know, this is a farming region, so there are not many opportunities for jobs in the region such as this. So, a lot of persons responded to the Vice President’s initiative, and they started their job. They are extremely happy that they are working even if it is on a part-time basis.”

Persons have been employed at various government agencies such as health centres, schools and hospitals, among others.

The REO said the only requirement needed for employment is to be a Guyanese, and a resident of the region.

DPI spoke to several part-time employees who highlighted how important the job is for them.

Young Anisha Ramseepaul works in data analysis at the Rosignol Neighbourhood Democratic Council (RDC). She said the job is propelling her to become an independent woman.

“I was home for a very long time … I am a teenager, and I want to be an independent woman, to have my own money and stuff like that, so I saw the opportunity and take it. It benefits me and my family in many ways; more income, less struggles on one person.”

Latoya King, a single mother, said the job helps to support her, and her two children.

“I applied for this job for me and my two kids. It benefits us a great lot in our home, it shows progress. I could get to do things for the home, my two children, and for myself.”

Another employee, Abiola Thomas said, “I put in application all the places I know and didn’t get through so I decided to apply for this one.” She also added that the job assists in paying her mortgage.

“It benefits me a lot, I newly build my house so I have to pay mortgage when the month come, and it coming in a great deal to help me pay my mortgage.”

Beneficiaries are also encouraged to apply to the Guyana Online Academy for Learning (GOAL) scholarships, to further upskill themselves.

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