Mount Sinai Health System to begin training local practioners next week

A team of over 40 medical specialists from the renowned Mount Sinai Health System, in New York, USA, will travel to Guyana next week to begin training local health officials at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony.

Minister of Health, Dr. Frank Anthony said the exercise will improve the health care services at the country’s premier medical facility, as the government pushes the just-launched national health care initiative.

On Friday, the Government of Guyana inked the pact with the Mount Sinai Health System, and Hess Corporation at State House to accelerate the national health care initiative of which the provision of the 40 medical specialists is a part.

“We will be looking at developing clinical excellence, we will be looking at developing patient care relationships, we will be looking at improving turnaround times for testing, and waiting time…,” the minister said during the ceremony.

Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer of the Mount Sinai Health System, Dr. Jeremy Boal.

The binding agreement focuses primarily on strengthening primary health care across Guyana and ranks high on President Ali’s medical transformative agenda.

“We are looking at how we can prevent things like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancers and so forth,” Dr. Anthony stressed.

The 40-plus medical team comprises specialised practitioners in oncology, cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, primary and preventative care, global health and health system operation.

The Mount Sinai Health System is an integrated health care system providing exceptional medical care to local and global communities.

For over 150 years the organisation has been at the forefront of clinical care research and innovation, and is internally known and trusted for its unyielding commitment to outstanding outcomes. 

Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Jeremy Boal, said Mount Sinai’s commitment is being illustrated wherever the organisation executes work.

“We limit our global efforts to countries where we find partners that are equally committed to these goals, and we know that we have found that with this partnership in Guyana,” Dr. Boal pointed out.  

Following the visit of the officials, a host of other clinical experts will visit to advance plans for new oncology and cardiovascular centres of excellence, as well as diabetes screening and caring.

“In parallel, leaders from the institute for global health will work with their local partners to help integrate all aspects of the health system throughout Guyana, from primary and preventative care all the way to emergency and tertiary care,” the chief clinical officer added.

The efforts will be coordinated with the guidance and oversight of the Ministry of Health. The plans will be aligned with the government’s overall strategic plan for the strengthening of the health system.

Meanwhile, Minister Anthony disclosed that works are moving apace to establish electronic medical records and health informatic systems. This will see data being used for proper planning, even as the health system advances.

The administration envisages an integrated medical system where every citizen could have a smart card, and when the instrument is inserted at any health care facility countrywide, the patient’s detailed records could be retrieved. 

The health minister added too, that the administration is looking at a joint collaboration with the private sector to develop a cardiovascular and oncology centre for excellence to service Guyana, and the wider Caribbean.

Accordingly, the minister said Dr. Valentin Fuster has since expressed his commitment to help improve Guyana’s cardiovascular services.

Dr. Fuster is known for his breakthrough contributions to cardiovascular medicine, and more recently an advocate for promoting global cardiovascular health worldwide.

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