Children 5-11 years take second dose Pfizer vaccine

– as vaccination drive through/walk-in continues

The Ministry of Health conducted the second vaccination drive, targeting children ages 5-11 years, in a walk in/drive through exercise at the National Cultural Centre tarmac.

DPI caught up with some of the parents who took their children to get vaccinated.

A child being vaccinated

During the first roll- out of the vaccines, Devika Rambaran took her children to get vaccinated, and on Saturday, returned to ensure they received the second dose.

“We did our first dose right here about a month ago. The kids did get their side effects and we are here for the second dose…I find that the Covid cases are on the rise again, they will be back in schools by September, I think most schools are going to go back face to face,” she said.

Devika Rambaran and her children

Jai Rajpat was with his daughter to get her second dose. “I’m very happy she got vaccinated. It helps protect her against Covid, because she is going to school, and you know we are exposed to everyone else so I’m very happy. It’s a very good initiative the government has done to get the vaccine for small kids.

“I would encourage every parent to come and vaccinate their kid. It helps protect them and also protects the parents because if they contract it at school they will bring it home to the family members,” Rajpat added. 

Jai Rajpat

Adults also took the opportunity to get vaccinated or boosted.  DPI caught up with Alex Graham who was in line to take his second booster dose. He believes this is the responsible thing to do.

“I got vaccinated in the first wave of vaccines that became available, and as soon as boosters became available, I took a booster so I’m taking a second one. I’ve been forced to be out and integrating into society and business and activity, and I have been travelling a fair bit, as well, so I think it’s necessary to do this, so I could one, protect myself and family and two, contribute to the overall protection of everyone,” he related.

Alex Graham

The Ministry of Health on June 11, began vaccinating children ages 5-11 years, after receiving a shipment of 52,800 doses of vaccine from the Government of Spain.

To date, approximately 86.5 percent of the adult population took a first dose, 67 percent, a second dose, and more than 69, 000, a booster dose.

Approximately 426 children ages 5-11 have taken a first dose.

Carlos Savory does face painting on one of the vaccinated children

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