President Ali announces $3B additional funding  for Amerindian and hinterland communities

Some $3 billion in supplementary funds will be invested towards Amerindian development as the improved quality of life for Guyana’s first people remains a priority for the government.

The provision for the money will be tabled in the National Assembly on July 21.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali said,Next week Thursday, we will proceed to the National Assembly to pass a supplementary provision to have $3 billion dedicated to Amerindian development, and the development of your community.

This was announced by President Ali as he addressed Amerindian Leaders at the National Toshaos Conference on Thursday. He said of the $3 billion, $250 million will go towards youth empowerment projects.

On July 13, President Ali engaged the indigenous leaders and encouraged them to identify core issues and formulate plans that could be implemented to improve their lives.

Some of the main issues identified were youth development, food security, and the need for better delivery of education and healthcare services.

President Ali said the ministers of government will be assisting the hinterland and riverine communities in streamlining their plans.

“In the coming weeks, you will see members of Cabinet coming to join you in your communities in crystalising these plans,” he stated.

The president said that the government will ensure that the monies are passed in the National Assembly, and will not allow anyone to stymie development.

It was also revealed that government will be providing training for Amerindians to deliver critical government services in their communities.

“We are going to take every single eligible candidate from the hinterland communities who can be trained to become health workers, nurses, teachers, teaching assistants; we are going to take those persons and develop a common comprehensive programme to provide the training for all of them so that they will have the required skills to serve their communities, and more importantly they will come on government employment system to support the delivery of efficient, reliable service in every single one of these come communities,” President Ali outlined.

On July 13, President Ali established a monitoring and evaluating squad responsible for ensuring that hinterland projects are properly executed while at the same time making sure that government services are accessible.

President Ali at the opening of the NTC, disclosed that since taking office, the PPP/C government has invested over $50 billion in hinterland and riverine communities.

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