Guyana to explore every investment opportunity – President Ali

-talks up strategic development, new opportunities under ‘One Guyana’ umbrella

President, Dr. Irfaan Mohamed Ali made it clear on Tuesday that his administration would be looking to explore every single opportunity, and investment to further the lives of Guyanese, and develop the country.

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali making a point at the sod turning event on Tuesday.

The President was at the time speaking at a sod-turning ceremony to start another multi-million-dollar hotel, this time along the East Bank Demerara corridor.

Dr. Ali said that the administration is looking at every development and investment strategically because the government is focused on bringing opportunities to the people, and opening- up new paths to development.

 “We will explore every opportunity. The engagement with the Saudis is no diplomatic blunder. It is a strategic move…so let me be clear, it’s absolutely no blunder,” he said referencing the investment conference for the Saudi delegation of government and private sector representatives.

He said, “every single partnership, we align ourselves with…every single partnership we go after is strategic in nature. It is not guess work,” he said as he made the point that the work done by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce, and the Guyana Office for Investment on the recent investment forum is no coincidence.

He even said the fact that the Saudis sent such a high-level team to engage the government, and the entire CARICOM is not coincidental, but rather it is strategic.

“We are working with every single opportunity available, resource that can bring benefit and unlock opportunities for this country,” Dr. Ali insisted.

The head of state stressed that, “we understand the bigger picture…the global changes that are occurring …and you have to position the country to benefit…and that is what this government is doing…We are heading in a direction that will realise the prosperity for all the citizens of the country.

President Ali said the strategic development opportunities his government is pursuing is not isolated, and not reliant on one sector of the economy.

We can celebrate in a whole month, the investments we are making to open- up new lands for agriculture…new lands for industrial development…manufacturing…because the economy is so integrated…and will be so structured that it will never be reliant on one sector. And that is what leads to sustainability…building an economy and building a system that is not reliant on one sector so it can withstand development,” Dr. Ali said.

‘One Guyana’

He reaffirmed his commitment to building a country of which every Guyanese will be proud.

Together, we are going to build and create a Guyana we are proud of, a Guyana in which the aspirations of every Guyanese will be realised, a Guyana in which unity and cohesion of the people will be top priority, and will be demonstrated in the respect we give to each other. …there is no other path for this country,” the head of state added.

President Dr Ali said every citizen must be the custodian of the process.

“…Every single stakeholder from the church, all the way down to the community… we must be custodians…we are all in one vehicle powered under the banner of ‘One Guyana’,” Dr. Ali stressed as he drove home the point that Guyana is open to business investment opportunities.

The President’s comments come on the heels of at least three sod-turning and investment projects for the housing, tourism, business, and construction sectors.

These investments are a sign of the confidence and zeal of the Guyanese economy under Dr. Ali’s Administration.

It forms part of the PPP/C’s manifesto promise to support investors, and to seek out investment opportunities to bolster Guyana’s economic development.

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