30,000 acres of savannah lands to become accessible

─$251.4 M contract signed to extend Tacama, Region 10 Road

Approximately 30,000 acres of savannah lands will become accessible for corn, soya, and sorghum cultivation, with a $251.4 million contract being awarded to Associated Construction Services, to extend the Tacama Road, Region 10.

Contracts signed at the Ministry of Agriculture’s boardroom on Wednesday.

The 25-kilometer expansion will allow the area to benefit from reduced production cost, through the reduction of transportation fees.

The two parties inked the agreement on Wednesday, during a ceremony held at the ministry’s boardroom.

Contracts signed at the Ministry of Agriculture’s boardroom on Wednesday.

“That road will help us to have better access to the corn and soya project. Last year, we cultivated 125 acres of the corn and soya, however, this year we will increase from that amount to 3,500 acres,” Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha pointed out.

Apart from the massive road expansion, contracts were also signed for significant drainage and irrigation enhancement in Regions Two, Three, and Four.

United Contracting and Supplies has received a $30.7 million contract to build the head regulator at Reliance, along the Essequibo Coast. The project is expected to improve the regulation of water in the irrigation channels there.

Contracts signed at the Ministry of Agriculture’s boardroom on Wednesday.

Another $158.5 million will be injected into constructing the head regulator, and tail wall at C1-C6 Area, Region Two. This will also improve the regulation of water in and out of the irrigation channels, reducing wastage and improving the drainage of rice lands.

Additionally, M. Sukhai Contracting Services is tasked with rehabilitating the drainage structure at Dartmouth, Region Two, to the tune of $13.8 million.

Meanwhile, through the New Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC), a $14.3 million contract has been awarded to Triple A Construction Supplies and Service, to construct a dehydration facility at Hope.

The facility will be used to convert fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables into dehydrated products.

Further, the Pomeroon Women’s Association Building in Region Two will be retrofitted to encourage more agro-processing and contribute to food security.

To this end, a sum of $8.7 million will be spent to the appropriate equipment to the agro–processing factory. The contract was awarded to NK Engineering Services in this regard.

Altogether, the total contracts awarded amounted to over $605 million, and Minister Mustapha made it clear that the works must be done on time, and in accordance with the specifications.

“We will not extend the contract time,” Minister Mustapha emphasised. “We are already in the seventh month of the year, and we are hoping to conclude our work programme before the year is out so, these projects are critical aspects of our budget,” he added.

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