Govt working with Buxtonians to set up small businesses

Community development, empowerment take center stage during outreach

Government on Saturday continued it’s engagement and outreach in Buxton aimed at helping the residents to tap into the available government services, and loans available to start-up small businesses.

This resulted in a follow-up community meeting with the residents who were eager to listen to the team of Ministers and officials who were present.

Spearheading the meeting to Buxton, were Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, Oneidge Walrond and Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibilities for Public Affairs, Kwame McCoy.

While addressing residents, minister Walrond reiterated the government’s commitment to supporting residents to establish the small businesses that are sustainable.

Scores of citizens turned out to the meeting

She said this support was necessary so that the small businesses can grow and thrive as the economy booms.  

“This is for business development… and business development speaks to you having a business, being able to support you with that business so that your business can grow…the idea is for you to become so independent, so self-sufficient that your business thrives,” the minister said.

The minister further noted that businesses must be registered properly.

She explained that persons must have their documentations in order with respect to National Insurance Scheme (NIS), and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) before they are considered for a business loan. 

Minister Walrond engaging with resident

Further, she explained that each business idea will be assessed to determine how much resources are needed to start or develop the businesses.

Meanwhile, minister McCoy told the residents that his government wants to see the people of Buxton growing economically stronger.

He assured them of government support as he said if the residents of Buxton win, then ‘we all win’.

Minister Mc Coy was adamant that residents must work diligently on their plans and proposals for their own businesses.

We are looking forward to working with you and to make sure we can work in a way that have us in a win-win situation where the people of Buxton/Friendship can grow economically and we as a society can benefit from the growth of those who reside and who are participants of business,” minister McCoy said.

Minister McCoy engaging with residents after the meeting

Also, DPI spoke with residents who expressed their gratitude to the government for providing timely assistance to the residents of Buxton, and surrounding communities.

Entrepreneur, Seia Monplasair said she is pleased that the government take to the ground to address the needs of citizens.

It’s great that the ministers come to Buxton to see what the people need and in terms of the small business. I think it’s a good initiative that the minister is doing,” she said.

Another Resident, Michael Swain said “within the new year we are looking forward for whatever the government has to assist we pertaining to small business and stuff.”

Meanwhile, Farmer, Rawle Sam said he plans to pursue the small business grant to purchase more livestock and uplift his business.

Buxton/Foulis NDC Chairman Roger Evelyn also joined the residents in expressing gratitude for the Ministers visit to the community.

He said that “these engagements are very beneficial to the community”.

“We look forward to the names on the database generated from the information collected here today to be used so that the persons who reside in the Buxton/ Foulis areas are able to partake in the development in Guyana. We hope they can take advantage of the training and opportunities available to small businesses through the small business bureau who was present here today. I would like to express my gratitude to Ministers Hon. Oneidge Waldron and Hon. Kwame Mccoy for the follow up visit here in Buxton”, he said.

Community engagement

Additionally, during the meeting citizens raised a number of concerns with the ministers.

The issues were discussed and will be addressed soon.

On July 4, 2022, various ministers within the PPP/C Dr. Irfaan Ali led government  held a massive outreach at Buxton, East Coast Demerara to address various developmental issues affecting the community. At that meeting, which was led by Prime Minister, Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips, assured residents of Buxton and other communities that “Now is the time for development in Guyana, and Buxton will not be left out; no village will be left out.” The Prime Minister said successive PPP/C Administrations have always put forward a ‘people centered’ development plan and, as such, “President, Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali and his cabinet continue to engage citizens in every community, listening to the concerns of the people, and providing solutions as far as practicable.”

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