‘Because we care’ cash grants not dependent on payment of private school fees

Min. Manickchand

Parents of students attending private schools are being assured that their children will benefit from the government’s ‘Because We Care’ cash grant on the stipulated date, whether they have paid school fees or not.

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand made this clear today following complaints about private schools telling parents they will not receive the cash grant until the fees are paid.

The minister, on her Facebook page said,

Once you are on the register that was submitted by the school to the Ministry of Education, we have catered for you to get the ‘Because We Care’ cash grant, and you will get it.”

She reiterated that payment,

is not dependent on whether or not you paid school fees or if you paid for the full year etc. It is NOT the Ministry’s policy that you must pay your school fees first.”

The education minister also issued a call for those parents having any difficulties with private schooling for their children to register them within the public school system.

The minister was prompted to make the statement following the circulation of audio from a teacher of a private school informing parents that while the payment of the cash grant commences on August 2, 2022, those who have not paid the fees would not be able to receive the grant.  Several parents then reached out to the minister seeking clarity.

The education ministry has issued a list of locations by education districts where the cash grants would be distributed to parents of both public and private school students. The cash grant of $30,000 per child includes $25,000 for the ‘Because We Care’ grant and $5,000 for the school uniform and supplies grant. Payments commence officially on Tuesday, August 3, 2022.

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