Guyana ready to contribute to climate change mitigation, universal energy access – PM

says adequate technological and financial support needed

Guyana will be able to contribute to universal energy access, address energy security needs, and advance climate change mitigation efforts with adequate and timely technological and financial support for the development and execution of solar energy projects.

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), Mark Phillips

This is according to the Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), Mark Phillips who was speaking at the opening ceremony of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) 4th Regional Committee Meeting for the Latin America and Caribbean Region at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC), Greater Georgetown.

“Guyana is ready to work with its fellow members states and the ISA to realize the ISA goals of increasing the deployment of solar energy technologies while contribution to universal energy access, promoting energy security and supporting low carbon transmissions,” he said.

The three-day meeting will facilitate dialogue among member-states and ISA on strategic priorities and initiatives on solar energy development aligned with the goals of the ISA.

A section of those who are participating in the event

Prime Minister Phillips, who also holds responsibility for the country’s energy sector, spoke of the importance of such platforms, which foster a conversance with policy makers and stakeholders, who together, will develop innovative solutions that will shape the regional agenda for clean energy transitions particularly, for the uptake of solar energy technologies.

The contributions of the ISA, Prime Minister Phillips said, continue to reveal the importance of such a partnership in the region.

Further, the existence of the ISA reminds the policymakers in the region of how vital strategic alliances are in the increased deployment of solar energy technologies.

Such partnerships, he noted, have a direct nexus to the implementation of multilateral commitments and agreements in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals of accessing affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

“The ISA has been and will continue to be impactful in the region. It is action oriented, member driven and collaborative,” he said.

The prime minister acknowledged the value of solar energy, which is primarily considered the fastest growing renewable energy source, particularly in large-scale power generation. This value creates an urgent call for the acceleration of the use of solar energy for citizens’ daily needs.

Under its Low Carbon Development Strategy (LDCS) 2030, Guyana will undertake an approach of decoupling economic growth from fossil use in power generation by developing renewable and clean energy resources to meet the increasing electricity demands and maintain low greenhouse gas emissions.

Among the projects the country is embarking on are; energy access through investments in solar PV systems in off grid areas, expansion of the Hinterland Electrification Programme, the replacement and upgrade of existing solar PV systems in the hinterland, and the development of microgrids for large hinterland areas.

Guyana has benefitted from the ISA’s corporation assistance in the areas of technical corporation and grant assistance. 

Therefore, The Prime Minister said the Government of Guyana looks forward for greater opportunities and collaboration as the country embarks on the transformation of the energy sector.

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