Canje Creek students to be housed at Amerindian Hostel – Pres Ali

Students of Canje Creek, Region Six pursing secondary education outside of the area will soon be housed at the Amerindian Hostel in Stanleytown as government seeks to ensure every child has access to an education.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali made the announcement on Thursday on the spot after concerns on access to education was made during a meeting in riverine community.

During the meeting, parents made it known to the President how difficult it is for them to ensure their children have access to education.

In response, the president said “I am going to ask the Ministry of Education to see how we can extend the Amerindian Hostel and to see if we can put in some other rooms and facilities to help the children from the creek… we will go ahead with that project to extend the hostel to take care of this.”

The announcement by the president was met with loud cheers and smiles on the faces of parents who had difficulty in finding accommodation for their children to attend school outside the community.

Internet access in the community was also raised by members of the community.

Resident of Canje Creek during the meeting with President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

In response, President Ali said that a team will return by next Wednesday to address the issue and see what interventions can be made by government.

It was also disclosed that government is working with the private sector to see what role they can play in providing internet access.

“We are also working with the service providers to see how they can expand their network. So, we will see if they can send a representative also to that meeting,” he stated.

Government in its effort to improve access to education and education delivery invested $74.4 billion in the sector through its 2022 national budget.

The ‘Because we Care’ cash grant was also reinstated and saw every child in public and private school receiving $30,000 to prepare their children for the new school term.

If that was not enough, thousands of Guyanese have been able to capitalize on the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) scholarship. This year alone, 7400 scholarships were granted while 6280 persons benefitted in 2021.

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