President’s Youth Advisory Council launched

– important that young people are involved in implementing policies – Pres Ali

“It is important that young people are involved in the definition and the implementation of the policies and programmes that are aimed at taking us to a place that we term as development.”

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

Those were the words of President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali as he launched phase one of the President’s Youth Advisory Council on Friday. The launch of the advisory council is the fulfilment of a manifesto commitment made by the PPP/C administration.

The President’s Youth Advisory Council is made up of young people from across Guyana, from various backgrounds and with a wide array of skillset. President Ali told the members of the advisory council that they are living in a country that will be among the best by the year 2030.

However, it was clearly stated by the president that the composition of young people is not political but rather a national composition.

“They are here because I believe strongly that we need our young people to be critically integrated into the policy-making and policy implementation of our country so they can have a thorough understanding, an in-depth understanding as to how policies are determined, why they are determined and they can contribute in the finalization of policies and programmes that will take our country forward,” he said.

The Head of State noted that the advisory council, while it is made up of young people, he pointed out that more than 50 per cent of them are women. He said this speaks volumes as to how Guyana is evolving as a society noting that there was a time when women hardly had any leadership role.

Nevertheless, President Ali said the advisory council will operate at every single level of national life. There will be representation in every region and district, supporting and working along with the Office of the President.

“What they will do, is to work with communities, they will work with our hinterland communities in developing programmes and projects. They will do feasibility studies so that we are always in a state of readiness to have support for projects for young people.”

“They will work with the banking system, identify opportunities from a business perspective that young people can engage in and these are some of the things they will be working on,” President Ali stated.

Members of the advisory council, the president said, will not be bystanders but actively participate in the development of Guyana in every aspect.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali with members of the Youth Advisory Council

However, they were urged to focus on the goals they want to achieve and not pay attention to the “noise” that will come from the naysayers.

“Focus on the task ahead, focus on your country, focus on the future, focus on the legacy you want to leave. Focus on what you want to do, what you have committed yourselves to do. Do not focus on the noise,” President Ali urged. The launch of the President’s Youth Advisory Council saw the presence of several ministers of government and members of the diplomatic community.

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