Anti-bullying campaign launched

Under the theme ‘do good, be good, live good’

An Anti-Bullying Campaign was on Friday launched to stop the heinous act from occurring especially among youths under the theme ‘do good, be good, live good.’

The campaign is a collaboration between the Childcare and Protection agency of the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, and the United Bridge Builders Mission (UBBM).

Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud

The launch took place after anti-bullying training with children from several state care homes. It included some 93 children from the Sophia Children and Family and the Mahaica Care Center.

Human Services and Social Security Minister Dr. Vindhya Persaud said “this is public awareness so that people understand what bully is. This is a national campaign against bullying. The Anti-bully Campaign.”

The minister said several activities are expected to be rolled out under the campaign to curb bullying.

However, the Minister said stopping bullying will need all hands-on deck as the ministry cannot do it alone. She noted that training will be provided for anyone interested in playing a role in stomping out bullying.

“So, the trainers who will benefit from the training and the trainers will be drawn from organizations, communities, and also among you individuals who have an interest and a passion for this work. And so, the partnership is important and implementing partners are necessary,” the Minister said.

Minister Persaud also noted that arrangements are in place to ensure that children in state care have equal access to opportunities as any other child. She said this is based on the request made by the children.

“We are going to be linking with the music school of Guyana for all the children in state care to have access to diverse training be it steel pan to dance to singing to what it is you think you want to learn, that arrangement has already been made for you”, the Minister noted.

Human Services and Social Security Dr Vindhya Persaud receiving an anti-bullying t-shirt from Bonita Montaque

Minister Persaud expressed the view that children in these care situations must be allowed the same love and facilities to grow into well-rounded adults.

She was adamant that these children are part of the future of the country and so much more care must be given to them in terms of meals, housing, education, sports and recreational activities.

“So, these are things I feel children in care must have access to. It is not about a roof, it is not about a meal, it is not about a bed. There’s so much more for children,” the minister stated.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the UBBM Bonita Montaque expressed her satisfaction with the completion of the training and the impact the anti-bullying training had on the children.

During the launch, a number of the children delivered welcome remarks and performed several dance pieces displaying boldness they did not have before the training.

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