Meadow Bank Wharf gets lights, police outpost following President Ali’s visit

Fisherfolk plying their trade at the Meadow Bank Wharf, East Bank Demerara, are now witnessing significant improvements at the facility in less than one month after President Dr. Irfaan Ali made an impromptu visit in the wee hours on July 21.

A total of 17 new lights were installed, nine around the building, five within the compound, and three along the entrance thoroughfare.

Additionally, a police outpost was established to enhance security at the location.

The massive transformation is a result of commitments made by the President during his visit.

“I have asked the Minister of Agriculture to immediately deploy a task force here to look at some of the low-hanging fruits, to improve the environment, and improve the security,” Dr Ali had told those he encountered on the visit.

His thorough assessment was a response to the complaints he received via letters from stakeholders who frequent the facility.

Fish vendor, Wazzir Ally said the wharf “was not bright last week,” as it is now. He said he feels secure now, knowing that police will always be present during the transaction of business.

Another vendor, Morty Skeete said shortly after the president’s visit changes were evident.

“Since he came and implemented these things here, everything going nice and smooth than before. Because we used to have robbery and it calm down since he came,” a happy Skeete lamented.

Shopper, Ann Richmond explained that during her last visit to purchase seafood, she was forced to use her cellular phone light to find the walking path.

“It was also very wet, very uncomfortable,” the re-migrate vented.

Richmond told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that she is fascinated by the drastic transformation. “I come here once a month to buy fish for my home, and coming back here this week I was very impressed and happy soon as I saw the light. When it is illuminated, I am much safer,” the woman stated.

The new features at the fish wharf form part of a long-term master plan established to ensure a conducive working and shopping environment for the hundreds utilising the facility.

Additionally, illegal stalls were dismantled, and workers relocated to have a smoother flow of operation.

Other developmental works include the establishment of 18 stalls for vending within the confines of the Greater Georgetown Fishermen’s Co-op.

Accordingly, the project for the construction of washroom facilities is out for tender.

Regular checks are also being made to the facility twice weekly from officers at the fisheries department.

Meanwhile, during his previous visit, President Ali noted that the fisheries industry is critical for Guyana, and adds to the overall social and economic development of the nation.

To ensure there are sustainable supplies of fish and other seafood, President Ali asserted that his government continues to invest in expanding the aquaculture industry so that production can increase.

This, he added, will allow for a more stable environment.

The PPP/C Administration since taking office has been working closely with the sector to help overcome the challenges and encourage growth.

The Administration has created an aquaculture committee and rolled out a programme to promote the improvement of brackish water shrimp production, along the Corentyne Coast, which continues to boom and could surpass its initial yearly target.

The government has budgeted some $743.7 million in 2022 for the development of this subsector.

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