President’s Youth Advisory Council members ready for tasks ahead

Members of the recently launched President’s Youth Advisory Council are excited about playing their role in the development of Guyana.

President Dr Irfaan Ali with members of the Youth Advisory Council

This is a responsibility they accepted when they were chosen to be part of the first phase of the advisory council.

The young people will be working along with President Dr Irfaan Ali and his Administration in crafting programmes, and policies at every level.

The President’s Youth Advisory Council is made up of young Guyanese from across the country who possess an array of skills.

Leon Johnson

International Cricketer Leon Johnson, who has represented Guyana at the highest levels, said he will be focusing on the development of sports and youths.

Johnson said, “development of sports is very critical for our country at the moment. As someone who has been around sports for a very long time, I know the importance of the development of youth. I was fortunate enough to have those opportunities to develop, to be able to play cricket at the highest level.”

He added thatit is important for me to give back to the country and I am very passionate about it as well. As a father of three, it is an opportunity for not just my kids to develop but their peers as well.”

Shane Cornelius

Toshao of Karrau, Shane Cornelius, one of the youngest Amerindian leaders of Region Seven, said he aims to promote and encourage the development of hinterland communities.

“I am elated to have this seat at the table with the president where I can vouch and promote the further development of my people”, he said.

He noted that the initiative is a great one as it falls in line with his favourite quote from Mahatma Gandhi, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

“I think this is a great opportunity for youths to be the change they want to see especially seeing we are in an exciting time in Guyana’s history,” Cornelius stated.

Dr Ian Jagan

Dr Ian Jagan, a Dentist for eight years, said he is elated about the role he has in the country’s development, especially in healthcare.

Dr Jagan said he is “looking forward to reaching all different parts of Guyana making dental care accessible to everyone and promoting good oral health along with other medical services.”

Emanuel Hassana

Meanwhile, Emanuel Hassana, while he is not a member of the council, said he is happy that young people will be part of the decisions relating to the development of Guyana as an oil and gas producing nation.

The 18-year-old is a second-year student at the University of Guyana pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics is of the view that “it is a very good initiative, it gives the youths of the country a voice I think they will play a really integral part in having that done.”

The establishment of the President’s Youth Advisory Council is the fulfilment of a manifesto commitment made by the PPP/C Government.

President Ali in his address to the members of the council said, “It is important that young people are involved in the definition and the implementation of the policies and programmes that are aimed at taking us to a place that we term as development.”

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