Multi-billion-dollar facelift for Albouystown, East Middle Road

-Minister Edghill

The PPP/C Government on Monday honoured its commitment to improve the livelihood of residents of Albouystown, who will soon benefit from $1.4 billion worth of community enhancement works.

Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill

The works will be conducted through the Ministry of Public Works Urban Enhancement Projects for South Georgetown.

Public Works Minister Bishop Juan Edghill during the launch said government is committed to bringing improvement to the lives and livelihood of every Guyanese. However, he noted that this particular project has more benefits than what meets the eye.

Residents of Albouystown during the launch of the projects

Minister Edghill stated that “we are not here to displace anybody even though people will have to move. We are here to bring value to your neighbourhood… Albouystown, East Middle Road must move from being Shanty Town into being part of the development of the Georgetown City as this country modernises. We are making this community attractive so your property value must go up”.

The Public Works Minister said the works are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

An artist impression of what the project along Independence Boulevard will look like upon completion

Enhancement works will be undertaken along Independence Boulevard which is 1.8 kilometres in length from Saffon Street to Cemetery Road. The work entails construction of a three-lane carriageway with concrete drains and culverts. It will also have a three metres wide promenade with elevated lights, garden and seats.

The works were divided into three lots between three contractors. They are RIM Construction, IB Contracting and Machinery Rental and C&L Construction Inc.

Major upgrade will also be done to 1.2 kilometres of Vlissengen Road (Cemetery Road) from Princess Street to Mandela Avenue. Avinash Contracting and Scrap Metal Inc will be executing the works.

The scope of work for this contract includes an upgrade of the existing carriageway to allow four lanes, construction of drains along the eastern and western carriageways, construction of a central avenue and a fence to both sides of the cemetery.

Residents of the community were also assured that in addition to their community being beautified, they will also gain employment when work commences.

“All the contractors they have already been told while we are developing and enhancing the environment people from the area must get work. So, while we are bringing development, we are also creating jobs”, the Minister said.

Residents of the community will also have access to the bill of quantities so that they can be aware of the scope of works to be undertaken by each contractor.

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