Women must take advantage of male dominated training programmes

─ Min Hamilton tells Siparuta residents

Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton has encouraged women of Siparuta, along the Corentyne River, Region Six, to take full advantage of the training programmes offered by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).

Residents of Siparuta at the launch of the BIT programmes.

He said women play an integral role in the development of their communities, and can be ‘the best at anything.’

On Monday, the minister launched vocational and technical programmes in the areas of joinery, electrical installation, and handicraft for residents of Siparuta.

Siparuta dancers

“Any job that a man is doing or can do, a woman can also do. Any job…. And I would say to the ladies in the room here, see yourself as a tractor operator and service man. The man who is driving that, he was trained. Just as how you can be trained,” Minister Hamilton implored.

Maintaining that the courses are not gender specific, the minister said women should make use of the opportunities available to them.

 “I believe you have a role to play. You have a duty and a responsibility to support the females in your life who might want to develop herself,” the Minister noted.

One of the performers at the launch.

Minister Hamilton reiterated that the training programmes will not only help families but also the community as a whole.

The labour minister noted too that “the programmes that are being done in the village helps families… it will take the stress off of persons from Siparuta in the event they want to do joinery or Electrical Installation. And they have to go to the Upper Corentyne Technical Institute or they have to go to New Amsterdam Technical Institute. Those are costs to families. And those type of resources they might not have.”

He said everyone should have the requisite skills to maintain and repair the various types of systems and machinery, noting that trained persons should be able to train other persons.

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